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Tracking Steam and Storms Back Into Kentucky

Good Tuesday, folks. Summer temps are surging back into Kentucky as we flip the pattern around. As temps and humidity levels rise, so to will the chances for showers and thunderstorms. That action may really ramp up in the coming days as clusters of storms drop in from the northwest. We are also watching a developing tropical system in the Gulf of Mexico.

Temps today are back into the 80s for the entire area as humidity levels inch up. Our sky continues to look awesome, so enjoy the day.

The muggy meter really ramps up for Wednesday as temps make a run at 90 in a few spots, especially in the west. A cold front slowly drops in from the northwest Wednesday night and Thursday and this front looks active. The potential is there for strong to severe storms along the boundary and the Storm Prediction Center is watching that threat for Wednesday…

Additional rounds of storms continue through Friday and into early Saturday as our front sags to the south. That should bring some refreshing air in here for the weekend. The Euro takes us below normal once again…

There’s a chance highs this weekend stay in the 70s once again!

What happens as this point will have a lot to do with our developing system in the southern Gulf of Mexico…


The models continue to bring this toward the central and western Gulf Coast states and it may become a hurricane. There’s a shot at this system impacting our weather early next week…



As this likely merges with a cold front dropping into the eastern half of the country, it may unleash another cool shot of air behind it.

Have a happy Tuesday and take care.

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Another Active Pattern Taking Shape

Good Monday, everybody. June is kicking off on a very nice weather note, but that’s about to change as steamy air surges in from the southwest. This will lead to toasty temps and high humidity levels, with storm clusters setting up later in the week. As this happens, we will be watching for a potential tropical system in the Gulf. Yep… It’s going to get active again.

Today starts with near record lows in the low 40s across the eastern half of the state. By the afternoon, most areas are into the low 70s east and low 80s in the far west. Skies remain awesome!

Temps spike into the 80s for Tuesday as we start to steam it up a bit. This steamy air really settles in on Wednesday as the numbers make a run at 90 in the west…

A weak front drops in from the northwest and brings a few storms into the region Wednesday night and Thursday. Given the orientation of this front and a ballooning heat ridge to our west, complexes of storms may roll in from the northwest through the end of the week into the weekend. The EURO actually drops that front to our south by Saturday, bringing another shot of below normal air…

At the same time, we may very well be talking about a named storm developing in the Gulf of Mexico. We’ve talked about this for more than a week and it’s now showing up on the Tropical Weather Outlook from the National Hurricane Center…

That system may slowly lift northward toward the north and may impact the US in a week or so. The operational models will struggle with what to do with this…

Can this impact the weather around here? It has a chance,but is far from being a certainty.

Temps are likely to remain very warm through next week, but signs are showing up for the next shot of below normal temps around the middle of the month…

This could be a continuation of our back and forth temp pattern!

Have a great Monday and take care.

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From Awesome To Steamy and Stormy

Good Sunday, folks. We continue to deal with an amazing brand of air taking up residence across the bluegrass state. This much cooler than normal pattern carries over into the first few days of June, but steamy temps and stormy skies look to surge back in by the middle of the week ahead.

Temps out there today are into the upper 60s and low 70s with low humidity and plenty of sunshine. That’s one heck of a way to wrap up the month of May.

June starts with temps in the 40s for many and finishes with the pleasant 70s. From there, summer surges in from the southwest and brings temps back into the 80s by Tuesday in the west and near 80 east. Wednesday looks very steamy as temps make a run at 90, especially in the west. Humidity levels also increase, adding to the steam factor.

A cold front drops in later Thursday and Friday and brings storms back in here. This may set us up with a ring of fire pattern with thunderstorm clusters working along the edge of a big heat ridge to our west and southwest…

That could make for some very active times around here in terms of storm clusters.

I still suspect the Gulf of Mexico has something to say about the evolution of the overall pattern next weekend into early the following week. A tropical system may form down there and it’s something we are seeing on some of the forecast models…



We will have  to wait and see how this whole tropical scenario plays out, but the Gulf may be active this summer.

There are indications the first week and change of June can get awfully darn warm around here!!

Have a great Sunday and take care.