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From Awesome To Steamy and Stormy

Good Sunday, folks. We continue to deal with an amazing brand of air taking up residence across the bluegrass state. This much cooler than normal pattern carries over into the first few days of June, but steamy temps and stormy skies look to surge back in by the middle of the week ahead.

Temps out there today are into the upper 60s and low 70s with low humidity and plenty of sunshine. That’s one heck of a way to wrap up the month of May.

June starts with temps in the 40s for many and finishes with the pleasant 70s. From there, summer surges in from the southwest and brings temps back into the 80s by Tuesday in the west and near 80 east. Wednesday looks very steamy as temps make a run at 90, especially in the west. Humidity levels also increase, adding to the steam factor.

A cold front drops in later Thursday and Friday and brings storms back in here. This may set us up with a ring of fire pattern with thunderstorm clusters working along the edge of a big heat ridge to our west and southwest…

That could make for some very active times around here in terms of storm clusters.

I still suspect the Gulf of Mexico has something to say about the evolution of the overall pattern next weekend into early the following week. A tropical system may form down there and it’s something we are seeing on some of the forecast models…



We will have  to wait and see how this whole tropical scenario plays out, but the Gulf may be active this summer.

There are indications the first week and change of June can get awfully darn warm around here!!

Have a great Sunday and take care.

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Awesome Weather Closes Out May

Good Saturday, folks. It’s a whole new ballgame in terms of the weather as we get set to close out May and say hello to the month of June. Some amazing weather is with us during this time, but steamy and stormy changes are already lurking for the middle and end of next week.

Temps out there today are mainly in the 70s with a mix of sun and clouds. There’s just a small chance for a popup shower across the east and southeast, but most look dry.

Sunday is a gorgeous final day of May as temps hit the upper 60s to low 70s with a sunny sky and low humidity. Monday starts June and it looks to start out on a borderline chilly note with temps deep into the 40s for many…

Monday is another much cooler than normal day.

Temps rebound quickly from west to east by Tuesday and may turn very steamy on Wednesday. The EURO is bringing 90 into the state…

A cold front drops in here with an increase in storms on Thursday. As the heat continues to build into the plains and Mississippi Valley, it puts us in a region that could feature thunderstorm clusters rolling in…

The Gulf of Mexico needs to be watched during this time for a potential tropical system. The models go back and forth on this thing, but the Euro is showing it…

It is that time of year, after all!

Have a great day and take care.


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Storms Usher In Very Cool Temps

Good Friday, folks. May is just about out of days and a cold front is sweeping in to bring some changes to end the month. These changes are being ushered in by showers and a few strong storms out there today. Once the front moves out, we get a blast of awesome weather for the weekend and into early June.

Today’s showers and storms are scattered early, but may come together into more of a line this afternoon and evening. There’s still a low end threat for a strong or severe storm going up. Here’s the current Severe Weather Outlook from the Storm Prediction Center…

This action sweeps through pretty quickly this evening, then it’s game on toward some fantastic weather. Saturday highs are in the 70-75 degree range for many with a mix of sun and clouds. That sets the stage for lows in the 40s by Sunday morning across central and eastern Kentucky…

Highs on Sunday may not make it above 70 in some areas. Lows by Monday morning may flirt with a record or two for the first day of June…

Temps are back to around 70 in the east and upper 70s west.

Temps begin to warm on Tuesday and most of us are deep into the 80s Wednesday. That will be ahead of a weak front dropping in from the north. That boundary may make it into Kentucky then slow down as a big heat ridge builds into the plains and Mississippi Valley. The Euro wants to put our region on the cusp of the real deal heat late next week into the following weekend. That could put us in the ring of fire for big thunderstorm complexes dropping in from the northwest…

Check out the heat the EURO is bringing toward us during this time…


Once again, I leave you with your storm tracking toys for the day…

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Have a fantastic Friday and take care.