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Time posted: 6:53 pm

Rolling Into The Weekend

Good Friday evening to one and all. I don’t have a whole lot to talk about this evening,but I did promise I would stop by for another update.

The late afternoon runs of the NAM and GFS continue to beef up the secondary low on Monday. Here’s a look…



The NAM is a colder, quicker and has gives us a better shot at period of light snow as the cold air sweeps in. That drop in temps will be fairly dramatic and I would imagine everyone has finally jumped on our bandwagon for the 30 degree temps showing up by Monday afternoon.

See you guys later tonight. Have a great evening and take care.


Time posted: 1:55 pm

Weather Notes On A Soggy Friday

Good Friday afternoon. What a nasty day we have going on out there for much of the state. Rounds of showers and thundershowers will continue to roll across the state this weekend as we get set to switch the pattern toward winter.

The change begins Monday as a strong cold front moves through here. A 30 degree temp drop will be likely behind this front as gusty winds crank up. The models are sniffing out the wave of low pressure idea along this front as it moves across the state.



The models are getting more aggressive with each run on this secondary low idea. Some models even suggest another low popping to our east Tuesday and Wednesday.

Let’s see what they settle on over the weekend, but the low ups the chances for a period of light snow as the cold air swoops in.

If you are a model watcher, you will notice how they are all showing a fairly potent storm late next week into the following weekend. You are now seeing the models getting a better grasp on the overall wintry pattern that’s setting up. 😉

I said we were going to start having a little more fun and one way I want to do that is through the gift of music. Give me some ideas on obscure or silly Christmas videos and I will post them here. I’ll get the party started…

I will have another update later today. Enjoy the rain and take care.


Time posted: 4:07 am

Friday Morning Thoughts

Good Morning everyone. With the pattern change toward winter beginning in the coming days, your friendly weatherdude is going to step up the amount of posts you guys get on a given day. We are getting close to Christmas and the holidays, so I will also be having a little more fun with some of the posts.

This means some of the overnight posts won’t be as long and detailed since you will be getting more info throughout the day. That starts now and may also have something to do with me needing to get to bed a littler earlier. 🙂

Your breakdown:

– Rounds of showers and thunder will roll across the state today. The rain will be more concentrated across the north and west. Heavy downpours will be likely.

– A cold front stalls out around here this weekend with waves of low pressure working along it. Additional showers and isolated thunderstorms will be likely through Sunday Night. Some areas will pick up 1″-2″ of rain this weekend.

– A strong cold front moves in on Monday and will cause our temps to tank from west to east. The models are now picking up on a few waves of low pressure developing along this front. Each model handles the waves differently and that’s something they will work out this weekend. The GFS Ensembles Mean is picking up on this:

– That would up the chance for a period of light snow later Monday into Tuesday. If those waves aren’t real… then we go from rain to snow showers and flurries right behind the front before ending.

– Regardless… it’s going to get cold from later Monday through Wednesday as our temps go well below normal as a deep trough digs in…

– Watch how the blocking across eastern Canada and Greenland really kicks in next weekend…

– That pattern will force the storm track to our south and set up some interesting times leading up to Christmas.

So much for me keeping this one short. Oh well… I do what I do. haha

Have a great Friday and take care.