Daily Archives: December 16, 2012

Time posted: 5:50 pm

Sunday Evening Thoughts

Good Sunday evening everyone. The iPhone5 is the official sponsor of this KWC update. 🙂 Let’s go ahead and get right into it.

Low pressure will develop and work right on top of us Monday. This low will cause showers and thunderstorms to form and some of the storms may be feisty. The Storm Prediction Center has even placed much of the state in a slight risk for severe storms…

I’m not sold on anything widespread, but our extreme weather year says anything is possible.

Colder air funnels in behind that low with a flurry or snow shower by Tuesday morning.

The next system arrives by Wednesday night and Thursday. This is a powerful low working into the Ohio Valley and Great Lakes. It will drag a strong cold front across the sate early Thursday and we will likely go from thunder to snow in a matter of hours.

The Canadian Model has a lot of wraparound snow and squalls around here behind this storm…

That’s a lot of cold air and wind to go along with the squalls and that shows up on every model. Well… All of them not named the GFS. It actually has the setup right on every other model run, but simply can’t show it correctly on the 0z and 12z runs.

Ok… That’s all I can give you for now. A full update will be out later tonight. Have a great evening and take care.


Time posted: 2:52 am

Updating A Busy Week Ahead

Good Sunday everyone and thanks for dropping by KWC. As if being a bit under the weather isn’t enough… I’m on the road and having Internet issues to boot. Throw all that together and you have the recipe for a quick update and quieter than normal day from me.

Lets go the headlines route:
– Our weekend is wrapping up on a mild note. A few scattered showers will fire up from time to time.

– Low pressure works right on top of us Monday as rain becomes fairly widespread. Winds will gust up as temps fall late in the afternoon and evening from the northwest.

– A few flurries or a snow shower is possible by Tuesday morning… Especially in the north and east.

– The next storm system continues to speed up its arrival time. It should get into the state Wednesday night and early Thursday. A powerful area of low pressure works toward the Great Lakes and will drag a strong cold front quickly eastward. Even the GFS has it…

– Thursday starts with rain and temps in the 50s. It will end with temps going below freezing with snow showers and squalls breaking out. These squalls continue into Friday and the GFS Ensemble mean shows this well…

– This sets up a cold patter that takes us into Christmas week. This will likely include a few systems rolling west to east to our south. That may put is in line for additional snow threats during the big week.

That’s as much of a post as I can get you from an iPhone. If I can update later today, I will. If not, in will make it up to you later tonight.

Make it a great Sunday and take care.