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Wild Temps Rule The Weekend

Good Friday, everyone. This update isn’t going to be the normal, long winded late night post and you can thank NyQuil for that one. Your friendly weatherdude simply cannot shake this bug that’s going around. Everyone always blames the weather for getting sick. I just blame the job of forecasting the weather. 🙂

Showers and thunderstorms will work across the state through the first half of today. Heavy downpours are a good bet for many areas. Some clearing will take place this afternoon and that helps send temps into the low and mid 60s. Some upper 60s will be possible and record highs are in jeopardy.

Upper 60s look likely for Saturday and I can’t rule out 70 degrees for areas getting in on some sun. Showers and thunderstorms will increase later in the day as a powerful cold front moves into western Kentucky Saturday night. That front will then swing through here Sunday with gusty winds and heavy rains.

The temp drop along and behind this front will be wicked. Temps could drop 30 degrees in just a matter of hours. Check out the temp gradient showing up at midday Sunday…

Yes… THAT is a cold front, my friends!

The front does slow down just to our east as waves of low pressure continue to lift northward along the front.  That will likely lead to a wintry mix Monday into Tuesday and it’s a situation we need to keep an eye on. I made the mistake of giving the GFS some love in my last updates. It is back to having being a fish out of water and I’m back to holding my nose while looking at it.

The Canadian shows the Monday night system and then offers up a new wrinkle by Wednesday and Thursday. Here’s Monday night…


The new twist for Wednesday is a stronger system to eject out of the Gulf of Mexico and up the east coast as an arctic front moves in behind it…Canadian 2

To be fair… all the models are really struggling on how to handle all these lows working northeastward along the front. As I have been saying… forecast the pattern and worry about the details as we get closer to each of them.

It’s interesting to note, the Canadian did go the way of the European with a major arctic plunge diving southward by next weekend…

Canadian 3

I will update things again later today. The NyQuil is kicking in. Must… get… sleep.

Have a great Friday and take care.