Daily Archives: January 16, 2013

Time posted: 6:35 pm

Wednesday Evening Update

Good evening, gang. The models continue to show a “heavy snow or no” scenario across southeastern Kentucky tomorrow. What do I mean by that? It simply means there will be very little in the way of light snow and where it does snow it will come down hard. So… it’s either heavy snow or nothing.

A Winter Weather Advisory is out for those counties that border Virginia. I feel for the NWS in Jackson on this one because it is a tough call. My gut tells me we will see warnings going up for some areas. The GFS is even farther west and northwest with the snowfall…

GFSThe 15z SREF’s match up very well with what the GFS is showing. They may even be a tad farther north and west than that. The NAM took a dip to the east and southeast with the heaviest snows. So, you can see the issue I’m dealing with.

I want to see the late evening runs before going to an all out alert. The folks at the HPC are pretty bullish on snow across southeastern Kentucky…


I will have a more in depth call for snowfall coming up on WKYT-TV tonight at 11.

Have a great evening and take care.


Time posted: 12:55 pm

Southeastern Ky Snow Threat

Good Wednesday afternoon. Snow lovers across southeastern Kentucky have got to be loving the latest trend of the forecast models. The storm we’ve been telling you to keep an eye on for more than a week, continues to trend farther northwest. That means a greater impact on parts of Kentucky.

The NAM and GFS are VERY impressive with the snow totals in the south and southeast…

NAM Snow GFS SnowfallIf the late afternoon runs show something similar… the blog may go straight into Alert mode.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the famous northwesterly trend of storms kicks in on this one? That would put more of the state in play for heavy snow. On the flip side… any wobble southeast would take the heaviest snows outside the state.

I will have another update later today. Have a great afternoon and take care.


Time posted: 2:15 am

Winter Is Cranking Up

Good Wednesday, folks. The latest blast of winter weather across the bluegrass state is winding down early today across central and eastern Kentucky. Freezing rain and sleet really came down at a good clip and this caused some icy problems for much of the state. That mix will slowly work on out of town today, but old man winter is just now coming alive.

In addition to the mix of sleet and ice, heavy rain will continue early today across southeastern Kentucky. This could lead to high water troubles for a few areas. Things will shut off later today as clouds and cold temps continue.

We’ve been talking about the possibility of a southern storm system throwing snow into southern or southeastern Kentucky on Thursday. This storm continues to show up very well on the models and continues to suggest we need to keep an eye on it. Both the GFS and NAM bring accumulating snow to southeastern parts of the state…


It wouldn’t take much of a wobble to the north to put more of the state in line for snow. On the flip side… it wouldn’t take much of a dive to the south to take the entire state out of the game. Let’s see what the models later today have to say about it.

The arctic express pulls into town later this weekend into early next week. We will get one arctic front in here early Sunday, with another diving in on Monday. That one has a lot of “dig” to it and it looks like it could blow up into a bigger system…

CanadianThat’s the Canadian Model and that model has been on fire of late. Snow chances and arctic cold temps will dominate the weather next week.

I will have another update or two later today. Have a great Wednesday and take care.