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Tracking A Sideswipe Snow

Good Thursday and thanks for dropping by KWC. We have a winter storm taking a swipe at the bluegrass state today and this will bring snow to parts of southeastern Kentucky. As this is taking place… our attention turns toward the weekend arctic blast and subsequent snow threats it will bring.

As I’ve talked about over the past few days, this will be a heavy snow or no type of scenario. Sure, the precipitation may start as a mix, but dynamic cooling will quickly take over. The sharp gradient to the accumulating snow is impossible to determine until we can actually see the radar later today. Here’s a rough outline on what may happen…


Those are much larger snowfall ranges from what I usually put in a snow forecast. The sharp cutoff means a wobble in either direction will greatly impact totals.

Here are some tracking toys…

I-75 MP 23
Whitley County
I-75 MP 23



I will have updates on this touch and go storm as we go throughout the day. The rest of the state will see mostly cloudy skies and temps in the 30s for highs.

The arctic express pulls into town late this weekend with the first of several fronts. Temps will come way down from Saturday into Sunday with readings going from the mid and upper 40s Saturday, into the upper 20s and low 30s Sunday.

The air will grow much colder from there and take a look at the potential snow makers dropping in next week…
Canadian Canadian 2

The Canadian Model is a good looker for snow next week and it does have support¬† from every model not named the GFS. I honestly wish I had a dollar for every time I said that. While the GFS has the overall setup… it just is not good enough to handle the specifics until we get closer. Just look at this week and how it didn’t catch on until a few days before.

By the way.. one of these systems diving in from the northwest is going to try to really amplify at some point next week. Perhaps, something like this…

Canadian 3

Have a great Thursday and take care.