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Marching In Like A Lion

Good Thursday and welcome to the final day of February. The month is going out on a cold and, sometimes, snowy note here in the bluegrass state. Rounds of snow showers and squalls will be with us for a few more days and that means March will come roaring in on a wintry note.

Today’s action will feature breaks between the snow and that’s a hard way to get much in the way of accumulation. Still, the heavier bursts of snow can cover things up for a time. Highs today will run in the 30s on a gusty wind that will make it feel more like it’s in the 20s.

A similar setup will be with us for Friday and Saturday as even colder air filters in from the northwest. Late Friday into Friday night will have a decent shot at seeing some light accumulation for much of the area. Highs over the weekend will run in the upper 20s and low 30s with lows dipping into the teens by Sunday and Monday. Normal highs during this period are in the low 50s.

We will then turn our attention toward the northwestern sky and a system dropping in here Monday night and Tuesday. This should have a band of snow with it…

GFS That will also bring a fresh brand of cold air for the middle and end of next week. The new CFS weekly temp forecast shows the possibility of an even colder dump of air toward the middle of March…


That would be ridiculous to see something like that take place. Come on spring… you can fight this!!! 🙂

Have a great Thursday and take care.


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A Lot Of Winter Pushing In

Good Wednesday, everyone. We have a blast of winter ahead as we close out February and say a big hello to the month of March. This prolonged stretch of cold weather will be accompanied by rounds of snow showers and squalls that will put down some accumulation.

The weather today will continue to feature cold air seeping in from the west and northwest. Temps will generally run in the mid and upper 30s.  Snow and rain showers will be on and off today, but shouldn’t amount to a whole lot. Some rays of sunshine will be possible in between any of the showers.

A low pressure will slowly spin to our northeast through the next few days. It will have spokes of energy rotating around it and these will give a little boost to the snow as they pass through here…

WheelLight accumulations will be possible overnight into early Thursday. Some melting will take place as we go into daylight hours tomorrow. Some heavier snow squalls will then develop and those could put down some localized accumulations.

The next spoke of energy will arrive later Friday into Saturday and that will the best chance at putting down a few inches for some areas. The GFS continues to be impressed with the total snowfall through Saturday…

GFS Snowfall

You will NEVER see that much snow on the ground at any one time. That shows the total accumulation during this time span. A lot of melting will take place between these rounds of light accumulations.

The air grows even colder for the weekend with highs below freezing a good bet for several areas.

The next storm to impact the region blows in by Tuesday and Wednesday. That should have more of a “system” band of snow with it as reinforcing cold air follows it.

This cold and energetic pattern will continue into the middle of March. That means we aren’t done with snow threats after next week and the prospect for a Ohio Valley storm is still on the board.

Have a great Wednesday and take care.


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Tracking A Wild Weather Day & Winter

Good Tuesday, folks. The big change storm system is rolling across the region today and this will bring a little bit of everything to the commonwealth. The biggest change comes in the form of old man winter blowing back into town as our pattern undergoes a MAJOR change.

Let’s break it down with the headlines…

– Heavy rain will be common across the state today. Rainfall amounts should range from .50″ to 1.50″. You may even hear a rumble of thunder.

– Winds will howl with gusts of 40mph possible.

– Temps will spike into the 50s across central and eastern Kentucky into the early afternoon. Cold air will then rush in from the southwest with readings dropping into the 30s later in the day into the evening.

Your tracking toys…

Current Temperatures

The colder air will continue to work into the state on Wednesday. An early day mix of snow and rain will change to all snow later in the day. A disturbance on the backside of our storm will dive in here Wednesday night and early Thursday. This will likely cause widespread snow showers and squalls to develop and that should put down accumulations for many areas.

Rounds of snow will then carry us into the weekend and the GFS is falling in love with this northwesterly wind flow…

GFS Snowfall

You will never measure that kind of snow at any one time. That is showing you the total accumulation through the upcoming weekend. There will be melting in between the rounds of snow. Southeastern parts of the state may do quite well with the northwesterly wind setup.

Another big blast of cold is likely by the middle of next week and that may have another round of snow with it.

Have a great Tuesday and take care.


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Monday Evening Update

Good Monday evening. Our plains blizzard is cranking up this evening and it will begin to impact our weather later tonight with heavy rain. That will continue into Tuesday as winter gets set to blast back in here for an extended stay.

Heavy rain and thunder will be with us for much of the day Tuesday. Winds will gust to 40mph at times as cold air sweeps in from the southwest. That’s right… the southwest as the low moves by to our west and north. That will switch things over to a rain and snow mix by Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. Colder air will continue to funnel in on Wednesday as snow showers and squalls take over the deeper we get into the day.

That will set the stage for some light accumulating snow into Thursday. The NAM is impressed…


Here’s the GFS snowfall forecast into Saturday…


This won’t all fall at once and you will get a little here or there through the extended period. Winds will continue to gust up as temps run well below normal into early March.

The pattern doesn’t look like it wants to break anytime soon. Here are the latest runs of the GFS into the middle of the month…


Yes… It’s depressing.

Have a great rest of your evening and take care.


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Old Man Winter Ready To Return

Good Monday to one and all. Our new week is off and running on a pleasant note with some sun and mild temps out there today. This is not a harbinger of things to come as things turn very busy around here. Old Man Winter is plotting a big comeback with a prolonged period of cold and snow.

Temps today will head toward the low 50s with a mix of sun and clouds. Winds will pick up during the day as a massive storm develops to our southwest. This will bring a shutdown blizzard to parts of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri over the next 24 hours. Some of these same areas were in the 60s over the weekend.

That storm will roll our way on Tuesday and bring widespread rain, thunderstorms and high wind. Gusts late tonight and Tuesday will exceed 40mph at times. Temps will be in the 50s early Tuesday, before the cold air crashes in from southwest to northeast…

NAM 1The cold air will continue to filter in here Tuesday night and Wednesday as a northwesterly flow becomes established. Snow showers and snow squalls will be very common from that point into the coming weekend. These will get periodic boosts from energy dropping in here on that same northwesterly wind.

Add it all up and you can get accumulating snow across much of our region. A few to several inches will be possible during this prolonged stretch. That’s not all coming at once, but an aggregate total over a several day run.Temps will be WELL BELOW normal as we close out the month and head into February. Normals are right at 50 degrees for highs and we will have several days where we struggle to get past 32 degrees.

Folks, this is a frigid look…


You think it ends there? Take a look at the middle of NEXT week…


Don’t put away the winter weather gear, just yet. You will get more mileage out of it over the next few weeks than you have for most of the past few months.

Have a great Monday and take care.