Daily Archives: February 7, 2013

Time posted: 1:25 am

A Short Lived Warm Up

Good Thursday, everyone. We have a taste of March air into the bluegrass state today and that will send thermometers soaring. In typical March fashion, it won’t last very long as colder air and showers move in later tonight and Friday. Another up and down pattern is likely this weekend into early next week before winter returns.

Highs today will roll through the 50s and a 60 is possible for some areas. Clouds will be around and a shower can’t be ruled out across the south and southeast.

We have two storm systems that will be working across the eastern part of the country. These two will get together on Friday to form a blizzard across New England. I wanted to show you something I have never seen before on a computer model. The NAM is spitting out 40-60 inches of snow from this storm in the northeast…

NAM Snow

That’s probably going way to the extreme, but it’s an amazing sight to see.

This whole setup will bring showers in here later tonight and early Friday. Much colder air will move in for Friday and a stray flake or to can’t be ruled out.

Saturday will see the sunshine return with temps coming back up. Sunday should be a warmer day with highs back into the 50s, but it comes with a price. The cold front looks to be speeding up and may blow into town by the end of the day with gusty rain developing…


Colder air will then work in for later Monday and that air will grow colder as we go deeper into next week. I’ve been honking about a cold and snowy mid and late February and the models show a very deep trough digging in…

GFS 2That pattern will bring several snow chances our way with the first one possible by the middle of next week. Remember the motto… forecast the pattern then worry about the details as we get closer. 😉

Make it a wonderful day and take care.