Daily Archives: February 27, 2013

Time posted: 12:50 am

A Lot Of Winter Pushing In

Good Wednesday, everyone. We have a blast of winter ahead as we close out February and say a big hello to the month of March. This prolonged stretch of cold weather will be accompanied by rounds of snow showers and squalls that will put down some accumulation.

The weather today will continue to feature cold air seeping in from the west and northwest. Temps will generally run in the mid and upper 30s.  Snow and rain showers will be on and off today, but shouldn’t amount to a whole lot. Some rays of sunshine will be possible in between any of the showers.

A low pressure will slowly spin to our northeast through the next few days. It will have spokes of energy rotating around it and these will give a little boost to the snow as they pass through here…

WheelLight accumulations will be possible overnight into early Thursday. Some melting will take place as we go into daylight hours tomorrow. Some heavier snow squalls will then develop and those could put down some localized accumulations.

The next spoke of energy will arrive later Friday into Saturday and that will the best chance at putting down a few inches for some areas. The GFS continues to be impressed with the total snowfall through Saturday…

GFS Snowfall

You will NEVER see that much snow on the ground at any one time. That shows the total accumulation during this time span. A lot of melting will take place between these rounds of light accumulations.

The air grows even colder for the weekend with highs below freezing a good bet for several areas.

The next storm to impact the region blows in by Tuesday and Wednesday. That should have more of a “system” band of snow with it as reinforcing cold air follows it.

This cold and energetic pattern will continue into the middle of March. That means we aren’t done with snow threats after next week and the prospect for a Ohio Valley storm is still on the board.

Have a great Wednesday and take care.