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Time posted: 11:24 pm

April Starts Cold, But It Won’t Hold

Good Monday and welcome to the month of April. The month is off and running on a cold note as we see some of that March pattern hanging around this week. This is an impressive blast of chill blowing in, but the pattern is about to take a much needed turn to mild.

A cold front continues to drop in from the north early today. This may produce a rain shower that may mix with a flake of snow later in the day. The moisture with this front is rather limited and I don’t expect to see much of anything.

The temps will be the big story with highs today in the mid and upper 40s with overnight lows dropping into the 20s. That will set us up for a very chilly day on Tuesday as thermometers struggle to get past 40 degrees. 20s will be back Wednesday morning with highs back into the 40s.

A southern storm system continues to look like it will influence our weather by Thursday. Chilly showers will be possible, but that action may work out of here on Friday…

GFS That would then set the stage for a much milder weekend with temps hitting the 60s for highs. Next week has the potential to bring 80 degree temps in here for a day or two. This is part of an overall setup that should feature milder than normal temps…GFS 2With the good will come the bad and that will be the start of a period of stormy weather that will carry us through May and into the summer.

Have a great Monday and take care.


Time posted: 12:35 am

A Warmer Pattern In Sight

Happy Easter, Everyone. We have a half and half weather day taking shape across the commonwealth of Kentucky. Showers are blowing across the state early today, but some drying will try to take over by the afternoon. This is ahead of another blast of cold air coming in early in the new week. Hang tough… I am seeing a nice change to warmer air showing up in the near future.

The showers will slowly diminish into this afternoon as winds gust up and temps head toward the low 60s for many areas.

A strong cold front blows in here on Monday with the chance for a late day rain or snow shower. Moisture is rather limited with this front that will be remembered for the cold air it gives us for the first few days of the new month. Highs Tuesday will be in the upper 30s and low 40s and low and mid 40s for Wednesday. Overnight temps will hit the 20s.

The overall weather pattern for the past month and a half has featured a trough in the east and that has allowed cold air to funnel our way from Canada. Over the next week… this pattern will reverse itself…

A MUCH milder pattern will develop later this weekend into next week and that will FINALLY get spring going.

The transition period between the cold and the warmer setup is one to keep an eye on later next week. There could be a slow moving storm system rolling across the southeast and the models are going in that direction for Thursday…

GFS Euro
The GFS and European are trying to get together to give us a few nasty days by the end of the week. Here’s hoping that junk stays to our south.

Happy Easter and take care.


Time posted: 12:32 am

Easter Weekend Weather

Good Saturday and welcome to a wonderful start to our Easter Weekend. Thermometer readings are going to head toward the low 60s in many areas as skies go partly sunny. The same can’t be said for Easter Sunday as some showers come calling.

Temps today will be from the upper 50s to low 60s for many areas and that is simply awesome! Gusty showers will roll into town late tonight into early Easter Sunday. This will cause some issues for outdoor festivities early in the day. The good news is, we will see a drying trend setting in for the afternoon and evening as temps run toward the low 60s. Winds will be rather breezy as Easter egg hunts get underway.

A strong cold front enters our weather picture on Monday. That will have another blast of very cold air behind and may produce a rain or snow shower…


Temps on Tuesday will struggle to get out of the upper 30s for highs as lows into Wednesday and Thursday continue to run below freezing.

Milder air will begin to work in for the second half of next week with temps warming close to 60 degrees by Friday. That looks to be the start of a milder period of air that carries us into the middle and end of April. The GFS has a milder look to it for the second week of the month…


Make it a great Saturday and take care.


Time posted: 11:37 pm

Milder For The Holiday Weekend

Good Friday, everyone. We’re rolling into the Easter Weekend with a taste of some milder air surging in from the southwest. Normal late March temps will be with us for the closing days of the month and that’s a far cry from how the rest of the month has been.

The milder air will likely be accompanied by scattered showers and the first batch will arrive today across western and southern Kentucky. We’ll have to watch those to see how far north they get. Temps will generally run in the 50s for highs.

Temps will then warm for the weekend…

GFS 2Upper 50s to low 60s will be common both days. Saturday looks to feature mainly dry weather with only a small chance for a shower. Easter Sunday will see a better threat for some showers… especially during the first half of the day. Those rains won’t be around for the entire day and we will see some dry weather, so plan accordingly.

A shot of very cold air will work back in later Monday and Tuesday and this may bring a shot of rain and snow.

The overall pattern continues to show signs of breaking down. Near normal temps appear to be more likely by the end of next week and that’s good news for spring breakers.

Take a look at the improving signal going toward the middle of the month…


Now, THAT looks good!

Have a great Friday and take care.


Time posted: 11:47 pm

A Cold Start To April On The Way

Good Thursday to one and all. We are finally looking at a decent weather day across the bluegrass state. Some sun and tolerable temps will be noted out there today. While that’s all good… the cold weather isn’t done with us yet and is likely to return for the first week of April.

Highs today will range from the upper 40s in the north to the low 50s in the south and west. Skies will be partly sunny with a little more cloud cover in the west.

Friday will find us on the cusp of some milder air pushing in from the southwest. This can often be a “dirty” warm up with clouds and the chance for a shower or some sprinkles. The GFS is hinting at this for Friday afternoon…


Temps Friday will head toward the low 50s for many, but readings will be impacted by clouds and showers. That milder air will the surge in for Saturday with temps rebounding into the upper 50s to near 60. We will continue to see the possibility of a shower… especially in the afternoon. That’s ahead of a cold front that will bring scattered showers our way for Easter Sunday. It won’t be an all day rain, but umbrellas may be needed for some egg hunts.

That will be followed by a stronger cold front that arrives Monday afternoon and evening. This may be accompanied by a wave of low pressure that brings rain and a touch of snow our way by Monday night and Tuesday morning…


The air behind that front will bring thermometers way back down. Here’s a look at how far below normal Tuesday looks on the GFS Ensembles…

GFS 2Next week as a whole continues to look much colder than normal. The good news is that the blocking pattern is finally showing signs of breaking down as we go past next week. I continue to bang the drum on a flip to milder for the second half of April into May and that’s likely to be accompanied by a super active severe weather season. I see a lot of thunderstorm action lasting well into summer.

Make it a great Thursday and take care.