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Time posted: 6:46 pm

Saturday Evening Update

Good Saturday evening. Snow continues to fill the air and cover the ground across much of the bluegrass state this evening. Some areas will pick up an inch of the white stuff and roads will become slick as temps drop into the low 20s.

We’ve now had 4 days in a row of widespread snow showers and squalls here in the commonwealth and this afternoon’s temps didn’t make it out of the 20s for many. None of it came as a shock to you as the blog has been all over this pattern for a few weeks.

We still have a ways to go with the cold and snow. A developing storm system will take aim at our region Tuesday and Wednesday. The European Model continues to have a threatening look…


That would be an ugly mix for Tuesday with snow taking over for Tuesday night and Wednesday. That’s a setup that is likely to produce a swath of heavy snow across our part of the world. Exactly where that sets up remains to be seen.

The European Ensembles are also on board…

Euro 2I take it from your comments that a certain government agency is saying there is nothing to see here with this storm. Maybe… maybe not. But that’s an absurd statement from 4 days out. I guess all the sunshine and 40 degree temps of the past 4 days is getting to them. Just sayin’!

Have a great evening and take care.


Time posted: 1:23 am

A Much Different March 2nd

Good Saturday to one and all. Today marks one year since a swarm of tornadoes swept across the bluegrass state, in what would go down as one of the all time great tornado outbreaks in the history of Kentucky. 18 tornadoes killed 24 people in the commonwealth.

Here’s a look back at the tornado tracks and the tornado warnings from that day…

March 2West Liberty and Salyersville were devastated by some of the most violent tornadoes to ever strike the state. Those two twisters were long tracked tornadoes that are rarely seen in the bluegrass state and are unheard of across the eastern mountains.

I finally forced myself to go back and look the blog posts from that day. Replaying the live chat from that afternoon and evening brought back a flood of fears and emotions. The chilling play by play can be found here: http://kyweathercenter.com/?m=20120302

Feel free to share your story from that historic day.

One year later… it’s a much different weather picture we’re seeing. Rounds of snow showers will continue across the state today with some light accumulations. Temps will continue to run in the low and middle 30s for highs.

Sunday and Monday will be dry as the cold air continues.

A potent storm system will be diving in from the northwest by Tuesday. That storm will then track across the Tennessee Valley and really wrap up across the Carolinas…

EuroThat storm is likely to produce a swath of heavy snow to the north and west of the track. There is a strong possibility this will include parts of Kentucky Tuesday and Wednesday. I will have an update on that storm coming later today.

Have a great Saturday and take care.