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Time posted: 6:41 pm

First Call For Snowfall(s)

Good Saturday evening gang. Our Winter Storm THREAT continues and there is a good chance that’s upgraded later tonight for some areas. The winter storm will push into the state early Sunday and will then slowly work across the region. That will set up a heavy swath of snow across the north and that snow line will slowly sink southward into Sunday night.

Wraparound snows for Monday into Tuesday look to be pretty robust for most of the state. I have put together two first call maps. The first is for Sunday into Sunday night with the actual storm. The other is for the wraparound action from Monday into Tuesday…

Special Special Graphic

Those are the first call and I will update those later tonight into Sunday and put out a final call. Those lines and numbers will likely change as this storm comes into better focus. The highest bust potential on the first map is for areas near Interstate 64 as this region will be über close to the rain verses snow line for much of Sunday afternoon and evening.

I’m more confident of the Monday-Tuesday numbers than I am with the stuff for Sunday and Sunday night. There’s a chance I’m on the low side with the wraparound snows.

Please keep in mind, this is late March and some melting will come into play. You can’t add all the numbers up and expect that much to be on the ground at any one time.

Regardless… snow days will likely come into play Monday and Tuesday.

An updated call on snowfall later tonight. Take care.


Time posted: 11:19 am

Winter Storm Threat

Good Saturday afternoon. I’ve decided to go ahead and put out the Winter Storm Threat for Sunday and early Monday. The latest data points to the possibility of a farther southward tracking band of heavy snow and that is likely to have a high impact on our weather during this time.

A THREAT means some areas have the possibility of getting 4″ or more of snow from Sunday into Monday. If my confidence level rises… we will upgrade to an Alert later tonight.

Here’s the latest 4″+ snow risk area…

Special GraphicAs you can see, I have pushed everything farther south. This is not set in stone and I will continue to watch the latest trends through the rest of the day to see how this thing sets up. But, the northern half of the state is in the game for the POSSIBILITY of a late season snowstorm.

Updates as needed and I will also update my Chris Bailey WKYT Facebook page. Go give it a like.

Take care.