Daily Archives: April 2, 2013

Time posted: 11:14 pm

Upcoming Warm Up Likely To Bring Storms

Good Wednesday, everyone. We have a pretty good looking weather day taking shape across our part of the world. This won’t last long as a southern system throws some chilly rain our way for Thursday. The focus of the forecast going forward is the increase in temps and the potential for a stormy pattern taking shape.

Temps today will start in the 20s and finish in the 50s with a fair amount of sunshine. Clouds will increase as the day wears on and some rain will develop across the far west this evening. That rain is part of a system skirting across the deep south into Thursday. The heaviest rains will fall to our south and east through Friday…


Scattered showers will be likely through Thursday night… especially in the south and east. Some leftover drops will take us into Friday morning, but clearing will work in by the afternoon hours. This will help boost temps toward 60.

The weekend weather looks good with temps well into the 60s and flirting with 70 for some. We will need to watch for a late day thunderstorm on Sunday as our pattern starts to become active.

The setup for next week is likely to feature chilly air to our north with mild and warm air from our region and points south. The boundary separating these two air masses is likely to crank out rounds of thunderstorms..


This has the potential to deliver strong and severe storms to the state next week. We will also have to watch for the possibility of a heavy rain setup across the Ohio Valley.

Make it a great middle of the week and take care.