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Time posted: 7:00 pm

Winter Storm Update

Good evening,gang. It’s full steam ahead toward another major winter storm ready to blast the entire state of Kentucky. This will bring the potential for flooding rains into early Wednesday followed by significant amounts of snow and sleet late Wednesday through Thursday. The majority of the heavy snow falls Wednesday night and early Thursday.

Here’s a look at my latest call for snow and sleet…

SpecialThe latest GFS looks very, very close to what I have…

GFSThe European Model is similar, but shows even higher totals…

EuroThe latest from a couple of the NWS offices…

NWS Louisville NWS Paducah

119 out of 120 counties in Kentucky are under a Winter Storm Warning…

I really don’t have the time or the words to rip the NWS in Charleston like I want, but that map pretty much does the job for me. Just awful.

Don’t shortchange the high water potential tonight into early Wednesday. Heavy rain is a good bet and that could lead to some flooding issues along area creeks and streams and then some minor river flooding. A FLOOD WATCH continues for the entire area…

A brand new call for snowfall comes tonight at 11pm on WKYT-TV. Take care.


Time posted: 12:10 pm

Major Winter Storm On The Way

Good afternoon, folks. We have another major winter storm that is getting ready to pound the bluegrass state with significant amounts of sleet and snow. The closer we get to this system, the more impressive it’s looking and the greater the chance it turns into a “shutdown storm” for many.

The latest runs of the computer models are really amping up the moisture even more with this system and have a slower departure time on Thursday. With that in mind, here is a fresh call for snow and sleet…

Special 2

Most of the accumulations start from northwest to southeast late Wednesday afternoon and then REALLY kick into high gear Wednesday night and Thursday.

Significant amounts of sleet continue to look likely and that would cut down on the true snow totals. Areas that have less sleet can easily top a foot of snow before this wraps up on Thursday.

The lift with this is rather impressive and I wouldn’t be surprised to hear reports of thundersnow or thundersleet during the height of the storm.

I continue to like what the GFS is cooking for snow and sleet…


GFS Snow 2

The latest “worst case scenario” from the Weather Prediction Center was issued before the latest amped up runs…


Again, snow totals where you live are directly tied to the amount of sleet that falls. The more sleet, the lower the totals. The less sleet… look out.

I will have the very latest on WKYT-TV starting at 4pm and will update things again later today. I strongly suspect Winter Storm Warnings will be issued shortly…

Take care.


Time posted: 1:12 am

Winter Storm ALERT

Good Tuesday, everyone. A triple whammy of a winter storm is on the way to the bluegrass state. This will bring us the potential for flooding, significant sleet and snow accumulations and possible record cold temperatures. March is certainly bringing some serious weather right out of the gate!

Let’s start with today and roll forward.

A warm front lifts northward across the state today and will bring a brief spike in temperatures. A light mix and some light rain will be possible early today before the milder air gets in. A few gusty showers will be possible into the evening hours as temps rise well into the 50s.

I have no changes to the setup for Wednesday and Thursday. Our arctic front drops into the region with some heavy rain ahead of it early in the day. That could lead to some local high water problems. This does not look like a major flood event.

Arctic air will ooze in from west to east changing the rain to heavy sleet and snow during the day into the evening. Significant accumulations are likely through Thursday morning. Here’s a look the general outline for amounts…


I will get more specific with the totals later today as the storm comes into better focus. With the combination of sleet and snow falling, it will be tough to pinpoint exact amounts. Areas that are mainly snow will EASILY push double digits. Areas with more sleet than snow will wind up on the low side of the scale. Either way… this is a very high impact winter storm.

I still like that the GFS is doing in terms of snow, sleet and freezing rain. Here’s the latest snowfall map…

GFS Snow


GFS Snow 2

Freezing Rain


This will be a major winter storm that slams the region over the next few days.

The cold coming behind this for Thursday into Friday is nothing short of amazing to see on the models. Single digit lows are almost a given, with many models showing zero or below. The GFS goes crazy with Friday morning lows…

GFS Temps

That is likely on the extreme side, but shows you just how wild this week of weather really is.

Updates will come your way later today. Until then, I leave you with some tracking toys…

Have a great day and take care.