Daily Archives: November 6, 2016

Time posted: 7:29 pm

Sunday Evening Update

Good Sunday evening, gang. It’s the time of year the blow starts throwing out more updates throughout the day, and that’s especially true when I’m seeing an active pattern setting up. That’s exactly what’s ahead of us as we get ready to flip the weather script… right on cue with our thoughts over the past few weeks.

This will be brief as the Cats are playing. 🙂

A cold font drops in late Election Day with showers on the increase. The GFS is showing this system trying to close off on top of the region into Wednesday…


If that happens, we could get a nice little rain out of it. Temps for Wednesday would be near 50 for a high because of the clouds and rain.

A much bigger blast of cold is on the way for the weekend. The models are focusing the core of that cold just to our east…


Still, that could give us a day in the 40s for highs with 20s for lows this weekend. If you want a snowflake out of that, you want the core of that cold to shift farther west in the coming days.

Another system will follow that up early next week, and is one taking on potent look with cold air diving into the system…


The trough is likely to be deeper than what the European Model shows above. Regardless, it’s a winter looking setup taking shape that week and beyond.

For pure fun, the 6z run of the GFS went ballistic with an Ohio Valley winter storm to start Thanksgiving week…


I know it’s just a model, but there is some November 1950 showing up on that particular run.

I’ll see you later tonight for the full update on where this pattern goes.

Enjoy the rest of your evening and take care.