Daily Archives: November 14, 2016

Time posted: 7:23 pm

Looking Toward The Weekend

Good evening, folks. I don’t have a ton of time, but I wanted to make sure to update things for the massive changes on the way for the weekend.

A massive storm is going to bring blizzard conditions to the Rockies and the upper Midwest. As that storm cranks up, it will drag a strong cold front into our region Friday night and early Saturday. Highs ahead of this head toward 70-75 for Thursday and Friday. Gusty winds will cause all kinds of issues for the forest fires in the east.

As that front slams through here, showers and thunderstorms will sweep through. That unleashes some very cold temps. The below maps are for Friday morning, Saturday morning and Sunday morning…


Here’s that broken down a little more…


That strong northwesterly wind flow would unleash the first flakes of the season across much of our region.

The Canadian takes it to the extreme with a much stronger secondary system closer to Kentucky…


That would deliver more than the first flakes of snow around here. Again, it’s the extreme.

I mentioned in my last post that the GFS was lost, but it’s finding it’s way home again…


That shows snow showers and flurries for much of central and eastern Kentucky.

Moral of the weather story: We’re going from the 70s on Friday to winter weather for the weekend. That winter weather may give us the first flakes of the season and highs in the 30s. Wind chills may be deep into the teens at times. How’s that for a drastic change?

The models are showing an overrunning system trying to get going by Tuesday of next week. Here’s the GFS showing some snow and rain…


The longer range look continues to advertise winter trying to take hold of the pattern. A couple of systems may cause issues Thanksgiving week. The GFS Ensembles temperature departure in Celsius for late Thanksgiving weekend…


I will update things later tonight. Have a great day and take care.