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Time posted: 7:28 pm

Monday Evening Musings

Good evening, folks. We are setting the stage for another very cold night across the bluegrass state. Readings will drop deep into the teens in many areas, but the arctic cold is about to end a 3 week run across our region. Replacing it will be a Christmas weekend storm I am naming “The Grinch”.


That system will bring a blizzard from the Rockies to the upper Midwest Christmas weekend. A blizzard there is bad news for those wanting a white Christmas around here.

As that storm comes together in the Rockies on Christmas Eve day, a big slug of chilly rain looks to develop and move into Kentucky…


That could bring some heavy downpours as Santa gets ready to hydroplane into town.

From there, the Rockies storm develops into a monster and heads toward the western Great Lakes. That will drag a cold front our way, with a line of showers and some thunder…


High winds will also be a possibility later Christmas into Monday.

Temperatures during this time will absolutely take off. Highs later Christmas into Monday can reach the 60s on that strong southwesterly wind. As the winds shift to the northwest behind the front, the cold crashes back in on Tuesday…


The setup over the next few weeks is one that will keep very cold air filtering into the plains and west, while the east and south turn toasty. That could put out region in a very active and wet setup…


Does that mean it can’t snow around here? No, but temps are going to skew milder for a while.

I will have another update later tonight. Enjoy the evening and take care.


Time posted: 2:07 am

A Frigid Start To Christmas Week

Good Monday, everyone. As hard as it is to believe, Christmas week is here and things are starting off on a very cold note across Kentucky. One would assume this bodes well for cold and snow chances for Christmas. This is why one should never assume. 🙂

We have a big storm system set to impact the weather around here over Christmas weekend. This bad boy can take a little walk on the wild side. I’ll get to that in a moment.

Let’s start with today and roll ahead.

This Monday is starting out on a bitterly cold note across central and western parts of the state. The west and far north may see some single digits showing up. Wind chills could even dip below zero. Out east, clouds and flurries will likely linger to start the day, keeping temps closer to 20.

A mix of sun and clouds will be noted area wide today with highs from the mid 20s west to the low 30s east.

Tuesday starts very cold with teens across the board, but a few singles may pop in the north and west. This leads us into a seasonally cold second half of Tuesday into Wednesday.

A weak system then dives in from the northwest on Thursday and brings some flurries or light snow showers…


That takes us into the start of a very active Christmas weekend. A potent storm system develops in the Rockies and rolls into the Midwest. That setup can bring very windy, warm and wet weather our way. Here’s the Canadian…


Taken verbatim, the Canadian shows a blizzard in the high pains and upper Midwest, and strong thunderstorms across the Ohio and Tennessee River Valleys. Here’s the rainfall output from that model run…


The European Model has a similar overall evolution. It throws one round of chilly, moderate rains our way for Christmas Eve…


The big system behind it in the Rockies then wraps up as it moves into the Midwest…


That setup isn’t too dissimilar to what we just went through over the weekend. We shall see how it all works out in the coming days.

I will hook you up with another update or two later today. Make it a great Monday and take care.