Daily Archives: January 6, 2017

Time posted: 7:40 pm

Bitter Cold and Snow Update

Good evening, gang. Not much change in the overall forecast for tonight through the weekend. It’s bitterly cold with a glancing blow of snow for the southeast.

The models continue to show a VERY fine line between no snow and heavy snow for southeastern Kentucky. Areas along the Virginia border continue to show up with anywhere from 1″-6″ on the GFS…


The short range HRRR Model also shows a similar setup over the next 12 hours…


I honestly cannot believe that area or into southern West Virginia is not under a Winter Weather Advisory to be safe. What’s the harm in it? There is NO harm in alerting people to a potential impact. Track the action here…

The bitterly cold temps are here with readings tonight dropping as low as -5 into areas that clear the skies. If you stay cloudy, you stay in the singles. Wind chills are a different story…


Wind Chill Advisory?

Similar numbers will be noted Saturday night into Sunday morning. Ouch.

I will update things late tonight. Make it a great evening and take care.


Time posted: 12:30 pm

Frozen Pipes ALERT

Good Friday afternoon, everyone. Light snow continues to fall across southern and southeastern Kentucky as we watch a bigger system potentially impacting that region early Saturday. I will touch on that in a moment, but I also want to issue a Frozen Pipes ALERT or the next few mornings.

With snow on the ground and arctic air in place, areas that get in on some clearing overnight will see temps go below zero.  The short term Hi-Res Models are jumping all over this. Here’s the RAP at 7am Saturday…


The HRRR model only goes out to 4am, but it is well on its way to showing similar numbers…



Temps on Saturday now look to stay in the low and middle teens for much of the day. Wind chills will be near zero. Low temps by Sunday morning will tank, again. Below zero readings are possible across much of the region. Take precautions to prevent frozen pipes, check on your neighbors, livestock and outdoor animals.

The snow potential in the south and southeast continues. Several areas are picking up an inch or less today, and this is covering roads. Why wasn’t a Winter Weather Advisory issued for this? I’m the wrong person to ask for that since I’m still trying to figure out why Jackson and Louisville stopped the advisory area-wide at 11 last night… as it was still snowing with most roads still snow covered. I digress.

The big winter storm to our south and east is going to graze southeastern Kentucky. This “graze” can mean anything from a covering to 6″ of snow. It’s literally THAT close of a call for the Virginia border counties. The NAM is just a bit east, but the GFS came west…


The GFS has 6″ snows in southeastern Kentucky.

The Canadian is just a touch less…


It should be noted, the short-term Hi Res Models are indicating the snow shield getting into the southeast. I will have a First Call For Snowfall on WKYT-TV starting at 4pm.

The pattern over the next few weeks has the “Bold” look to it. It’s a volatile one that can cause big temps swings and some issues. Ugh.

I leave you with regional radar and will update again this evening…

Have a great afternoon and take care.


Time posted: 1:59 am

A Close Call For More Snowfall

Good Friday, everyone. Old Man Winter arrived fashionably late to the season, but he mad a nice entrance with a widespread 1″-4″ snowfall across Kentucky. Now comes a very close call with another snowfall.. or two over the next few days.

Overall, I’m very happy with the forecast I put out with the recent snows. Outside of it arriving early in the east and southeast, this system behaved itself. Leftover light snows and flurries will hang around into the start of the day, then we focus on a weak light snow maker skirting across Tennessee.

The models show this bringing a period of light snow across southern and southeastern parts of the state. Here’s the GFS…

gfsThe NAM is a little more concentrated…

namYou can track all that on your regional radar…

Highs today will generally range from the upper teens to low 20s, but gusty winds make it feel like single digits for much of the day.


A major winter storm is going to develop just to our south and east tonight into Saturday. This will be a razor thin close call for the southeastern part of the state. Watch how the NAM handles today’s light snow then the east coast storm…


That run of the NAM actually puts down some decent totals along our Virginia border counties into Saturday morning…


That same run of the NAM then takes that storm right up the east coast…


Just how much, if any, snow actually falls in the southeast remains to be seen. That’s a heck of a setup and one that is THISCLOSE to impacting much more of our region.

Temps take center stage for the rest of the area. Highs range from the upper teens to low 20s, with daytime wind chills in the single digits. Early morning wind chills can drop below zero as actual thermometer readings hit the single digits.

I will hook you up with updates later today. Have a great Friday and enjoy the snow day. Take care.