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Time posted: 4:10 pm

Arctic Cold Weekend Update

Good afternoon, everyone. Bitterly cold temperatures continue to have an icy grip on the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Lows this morning hit below zero in a few spots, with many areas checking in with low single digits. Similar numbers will show up out there by Sunday morning.

The winds are really adding to the bitter cold, with wind chills going well below zero at times.

Winds go northwesterly for a time tonight and this can cause a few snow flurries to develop. The far southeast may pick up on some light accumulations to follow up on another fresh snowfall last night.

Clouds increase Sunday and I can’t rule out a period of light flakes late in the day or early Monday. This can happen as milder air begins to push in here. That’s ahead of a wet weather maker moving in for Tuesday and early Wednesday.

This looks to be the start of a very active, and potentially wild pattern. It’s one that can put our region in the dividing line between arctic cold to the north and spring temps to the south. Each of those temp patterns can oscillate back and forth across Kentucky.

The late week setup is an intriguing one from a couple of aspects. It can bring thunderstorms and torrential rains before the potential for ice and snow.

I actually like what the GFS is doing with this by late Thursday and Friday…

gfsWatch the change from storms to winter in just a few hours…


That could very well feature a 40+ temperature swing along that boundary.

Often when I see situations like this, the heavy rain threat immediately pops into my mind. Check out the GFS rain totals over the next week or so…


The Canadian Model just gave the GFS a “like”…


The GFS then brings that boundary back into Kentucky early the following week and does the same thing all over again. The two week rain totals from that run of the GFS…


You know something, it’s been a long time since we’ve had a cold season river flood event around here.

That said, let me be clear on something with this pattern. The amount of cold air could easily overwhelm this setup and bring many more winter weather events over the next two weeks. But, this is a major fight brewing between bitterly cold temps and spring temps in the southeast. The end result in such an extreme battle is usually extreme weather. Given the current look of the pattern, everything from severe thunderstorms and flooding to bitter cold and blizzards are on the table going forward.

I’m also looking at February and thinking it’s not going to turn out like I thought initially. It could very well feature a lot more winter weather. That doesn’t maker your friendly weatherdude too happy, because I always go toward spring mode by then. 🙂

I will see you guys again late tonight. Stay warm and take care.


Time posted: 2:10 am

Tracking A Snow Swipe And Bitter Cold

Good Saturday, everyone. It’s the frozen tundra of the bluegrass state taking center stage in the weather world this weekend. Bitterly cold temps have settled in, but a snow swipe is trying to steal the early day show in the far southeast.

This is a shutdown snowstorm for areas just to our south and east. it is bringing accumulating snows to the counties that border Virginia. This is such a fine line we are walking in terms of the accumulations. I could see these counties getting anywhere from a coating to six inches.

Track away…

Letcher County Cams…

The rest of the day will feature a mix of sun and clouds with the potential for some arctic flurries flying around. Temps remain in the teens for highs, but it will feel a lot colder than that. Wind chills out there this evening into Sunday morning can drop well below zero again…


Actual lows can drop below zero for areas that completely clear the skies. Single digits are a given for most of the region.

Clouds increase later Sunday into Monday as some milder temps push in, and I’ve seen this produce some light snow and flurries before. We will keep a close eye on that.

A storm then develops to our west with showers moving in here on Tuesday. Some of that could start out as some frozen stuff early in the day…


From there, temps spike on Tuesday as rain moves in. The temps then drop on Wednesday, but spike again by Thursday. This volatile setup will then feature one heck of a temperature battle setting up right on top of us by the end of the week. This may include overrunning precipitation with arctic air to the north. Watch this temperature tend in less than 24 hours on the European…


I will update things later today. Have a great Saturday and take care.