Daily Archives: May 3, 2017

Time posted: 12:51 am

Nothing Pretty About The Forecast

Good Wednesday, folks. This is a pretty nasty setup on the way for the next several days, and this may be part of a pretty ugly month of May taking shape. May could wind up as one of the rare cooler than normal months we’ve had in the past year or so.

Today will find a band of clouds working in across the northern half of the state. This could have a shower or two with it and that will have a big impact on temps. Areas getting in on the clouds will drop into the 50s, while areas seeing sun will be much, much warmer.

Thursday will see a slow-moving low pressure working into far western Kentucky. This will be another BIG wind maker with showers and storms on the increase. Gusts of 40mph+ will be possible.

That low will then work across the Ohio Valley through early Saturday, bringing gusty winds, rounds of showers and colder temps. This is just ugly…

Look at all the backlash showers around for Kentucky Oaks Day on Friday. Winds may also reach 40mph at that time with temps that may not get out of the 40s in some areas.

Another system dives in for Kentucky Derby Day with a chance for some showers…

Gusty winds and chilly temps will also be noted. I keep looking at these charts and wondering if the high mountains in far southeastern Kentucky can see a snowflake.

Following that system is a multiday frost threat…

The overall pattern deep into the middle of May looks pretty awful around here. Look at the 500mb anomalies…

Have a great day and take care.