Daily Archives: June 11, 2017

Time posted: 2:43 am

A Tropical Week Ahead

Good Sunday, everyone. Steamy temps are rolling into the bluegrass state and this will lead to rounds of showers and thunderstorms firing up. Overall, the pattern ahead will have a pretty good tropical feel to it, and that could wind up getting us in a bit of trouble.

Kentucky has a summer flash flood season and we are entering that right now. I’ve been talking about how the storms ahead will have the potential to cause some issues on that front. Why do I say that? I’m watching a potent system digging into the Midwest with a deep tropical surge of moisture coming from the Gulf of Mexico.

That shows up well on this illustration…

That setup will lead to rounds of showers and storms kicking in throughout the week, with the action increasing as the plains trough digs in.

Scattered storms will be possible on Monday, with a greater threat from Tuesday through the rest of the week and into next weekend. With the deep tropical moisture in place, thunderstorms will have ample juice to help put down a lot of rain. This has been covered extensively in recent days. No, it’s not constant rain and it may not rain every day where you live. But, when storms do go up, they’re gonna put it down.

Later this weekend into early next week, the pattern is likely to throw a deeper trough into the eastern part of the country. This may occur as a tropical system tries to develop in the Gulf of Mexico. Here’s the European..

The Canadian…

Regardless of any potential Gulf system, the models are pretty gung ho on a deep trough developing across the eastern half of the country. The GFS Ensembles show this well…

Again, there’s no sign of any one pattern locking in for the long haul. That back and forth setup likely spells ample amounts of summer rain, and potentially some issues because of it.

Have a great Saturday and take care.