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Tracking Storms and The Tropics

Good Monday, folks, We are kicking off a warmer than normal week across the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Humidity levels will also be on the increase, giving us a semi-muggy feel at times. With the humidity coming up, scattered showers and storms will be cranking up from time to time.

As all this is going on, we have two tropical threats along the east coast of the United States.

Today’s showers and storms will be more prominent across central and western parts of the state. Some heavy downpours will be possible…

Tuesday should give us more of the same, as scattered showers and storms rumble through here…

High temps with areas getting storms may stay in the 70s, while those outside of storms see 80-85.

Rubber stamp the above forecast and play it through the rest of the week and into the upcoming weekend.

Jose and Maria continue to spin and both will likely threaten different parts of the east coast. Jose is first in line, while Maria churns across the Caribbean…

Hurricane Infrared GOES East

Jose will likely have a big impact from the Mid-Atlantic into southern New England. Tropical storm force winds are possible…

cone graphic

Jose may then try to do a loop and head back toward the coast as a much weaker system. What happens with that loop may be a primary driver to where Maria winds up going. This major hurricane is going to work through some of the same Caribbean islands recently devastated by Hurricane Irma…

cone graphic

There are a lot of variables in play with Jose and Maria, so it’s going to be interesting to see how everything plays out over the next week.

Just beyond the next week, the pattern likely flips chilly across the eastern half of the country. The European Ensembles from WeatherBell show a rather dramatic shift to cold as we end September…

I’ve been saying this is a year for an early season frost threat, and the above maps could signal such a threat into early October. Of course, what happens in the tropics can have a big impact on the overall pattern.

Make it a great day and take care.