Daily Archives: November 10, 2017

Time posted: 7:45 pm

Friday Night Weather Lights

Good evening, everyone. Here’s hoping you guys are staying warm out there, as the coldest air of the young season is upon us. I wanted to drop by for a quick update on the weekend and a winter looking pattern developing as we inch closer to Thanksgiving.

Temps this evening are dropping into the 20s and will bottom out in the low and mid 20s. Jackson may set a record low tonight. Wind chills area-wide will drop into the teens at times.

Clouds will increase on Saturday with a few showers rolling in on Sunday. As we get closer to the weekend, the NAM keeps knocking the numbers down for highs.




Our next cold front arrives Tuesday night and Wednesday, with an increase in chilly rains…

The pattern after that continues to take on a very wintry look starting next weekend and into Thanksgiving week. This is introduced to us by a strong system late Friday into early Saturday…

From there, the European Model shows an amazing setup with massive blocking going on in all the right places for us to turn cold…

That provides a steady stream of arctic air into the region…

This is one impressive setup and it continues to show up stronger as we get closer.

Enjoy the evening and take care.


Time posted: 2:01 am

Winter Temps Show Up

Good Friday, everyone. We are on the southern edge of an early season arctic air mass as we close out the work week. This is bringing frigid wind chills our way into early Saturday, with more chilly weather through the weekend. Beyond that, it’s a very interesting setup taking shape in the run up to Thanksgiving.

Highs today will range from 40-45 in the west and far south, to the mid and upper 30s for much of central and eastern parts of the state. Wind chill numbers will be much colder.

Lows by Saturday morning are deep into the 20s with a wind chill down into the teens for most of the region. Ouch. Clouds increase from west to east during the day and that keeps afternoon temps in check…

Those clouds will then produce a few showers into Sunday. That will keep the temps on the chilly side, especially across the central and east…

Seasonal temps will greet us as we head into another work week, but another cold front shows up by Tuesday night and Wednesday. This will bring more showers in here…

The lead up to Thanksgiving week continues to look very active, with a wintry look to it. Watch these deep troughs swinging through here as some major blocking develops in Canada…

That’s a lot of cold air coming into the eastern half of the country, potentially setting the stage for some early season winter events.

Speaking of winter, the snow cover across North America and the Northern Hemisphere is very impressive…

This setup is night and day different from last year, when snow cover across North America was about as wimpy as ever for this time of year.

Why is this important going forward? Because that expanding snowpack can really help create and sustain some major cold shots deep into the United states. The current shot is exhibit A. It’s not overly impressive in terms of the pressures, but it’s already breaking record low temps in the north and will do so into the northeast this weekend.

For months, I’ve said the ingredients are there for a fast-starting winter. We already had snow in October and I will be surprised if we don’t see snow before November ends. This could catapult us into a front loaded winter full of fun and games.

I will update things later today. Take care.