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Time posted: 7:21 pm

Arctic Front Brings More Snow

Good evening, everyone. Periods of snow are about to blow back into the bluegrass state, as an arctic front sweeps in from the northwest. The front arrives late on our MLK holiday, but a period of snow will precede it, with another right behind it.

Before we get to all that, let’s give it up to the power of a snowpack. Temps this morning went below zero in many areas, with a -10 showing up on the Kentucky Mesonet map…

We can say whatever we want about the snows missing us or underachieving, but the cold has been nothing short of incredible this winter.

Speaking of snow, it’s on the way for the next few days. The first surge of light snow moves in tonight across the western, central and northern parts of the state. This is an area already under a Winter Weather Advisory…

Farther east and southeast will be included in that advisory later tomorrow into Tuesday. Here’s regional radar to track the initial flakes…

Once that passes through, the arctic front dives in from the northwest Monday afternoon and evening. That will have a nice band of snow along and behind it. Much of the state picks up a general 1″-3″ through Tuesday morning. That front will slow down across the southeast, potentially leading to some enhanced snows that can exceed 3″.

Travel conditions go downhill quickly, especially with the band of snow behind the front.

Temps tank on Tuesday with readings in the low and middle teens, and wind chills around zero or below. The models underplayed the cold on the snowpack this morning, and will likely do it again in the coming days. Still, they are already seeing zero or below numbers…

Wind chill numbers will be way below zero at times from Tuesday through Wednesday.

The bitter cold eases later in the week, with a big mild surge on the way for the weekend. That’s when temps can make another run at the 60s…

That’s ahead of another cold front moving through here in about a week from now…

That can give us showers and storms, with flip to flakes in just a few hours time.

I will see you guys tonight for another update. Make it a good one and take care.


Time posted: 2:24 am

Another Arctic Front On The Way

Good Sunday, folks. It’s cold and about to get a whole lot colder as we head into the week ahead. Another arctic front is ready to push into the bluegrass state, bringing a round of snow and bitterly cold temperatures. This continues a run of brutally cold air in our region.

Temps this morning are in the single digits for many, with a few spots possibly starting out below zero. Skies will be party sunny this afternoon as highs hit the 20-25 degree range.

Our arctic front arrives late on MLK Day Monday. Ahead of this, a band of light snow may break out late tonight and early on Monday…

A quick half inch of snow is possible to start the day.

That’s ahead of a pseudo warm front lifting quickly through here. Temps likely spike above freezing for a few hours, then the arctic front hits, dropping temps in a hurry. The light snow is behind the front and it moves in from northwest to southeast from later Monday into Tuesday…

Fronts like this typically put down a 1″-3″ snowfall, with higher amounts across the mountains out east. You can see how the snow band slows down as it hits eastern Kentucky, and there’s even a weak wave of low pressure along it.

Winds are also going to be VERY gusty as the snow rolls through, leading to local whiteout conditions for a time.

Lows behind this can drop to zero or below for a couple of days. Highs on Tuesday may not get out of he 10-15 degree range. We may also see an extended run of wind chills below zero.

Temps start to rebound by the end of the week, with a nice thaw coming by next weekend. That looks to get wiped our pretty quickly as a cold front sweeps through here…

I’m playing in a benefit basketball game this afternoon in Morehead, so I won’t be able to update again until later today or the evening.

Make it a great Sunday and take care.