Daily Archives: January 19, 2018

Time posted: 7:30 pm

Friday Evening Update

Good evening, folks. Our snow pack is slowly melting and that’s a sign of things to come for the weekend. A much milder pattern is moving in and will soon touch off some showers. This is all part of a much milder and more active pattern taking shape for the rest of January.

Your weekend will feature highs in the 40s for Saturday, with some 50s showing up on Sunday. Clouds will be on the increase, with isolated showers on Saturday. Sunday will feature a few showers, but isn’t looking like a washout. Winds are going to be rather gusty during this time.

The actual cold front moves in on Monday with an increase in rain from west to east…

Colder air comes in behind that for Monday night and Tuesday, and could bring a few flakes in here…

That’s not a very cold air mass and will quickly moderate by the middle and end of next week. Southwesterly winds likely boost temps well into the 50s again, ahead of another big storm system. This one may have some decent rains with it, and also have colder air coming in behind it…



Even in the midst of a milder pattern, you can get some winter weather and that’s certainly possible with that storm system.

Enjoy your Friday evening and take care.


Time posted: 1:57 am

A Milder and More Active Pattern

Good Friday, everyone. Our bitterly cold pattern is now a thing of the past, and it’s full steam ahead into a much milder setup for the rest of January. It’s also a setup that looks very active, with large storm systems rolling across the country.

In the short-term, highs today reach the mid to upper 30s for many with mostly sunny skies doing their thing.

The weekend weather will feel better, but won’t look as pretty as what’s out there today. Clouds will increase Saturday as a shower or two develops. Temps are generally in the low and middle 40s.

A strong storm system works across the plain Sunday into Monday, dragging a cold front across Kentucky. Ahead of this, temps hit the 50s with an increase in rain…

Temps behind the cold front drop into the upper 30s by Tuesday, with just a small chance for a few flakes to fly.

Temps rebound quickly after that, with another big storm system rolling our way late next week into the following weekend.

If we look down the road, we find an interesting pattern taking shape. The CFS is showing the mild rest of January…

That carries over into the first few days of February, but the same model shows the cold taking control for the month overall…

This also looks like a VERY active pattern setting up for the rest of winter. The CFS total precipitation over the next 45 days shows the heaviest amounts right into the bluegrass state…

A lot of that will be from rain, but the snow potential for the second half of winter appears to be greater than I first thought.

I will throw you another update later today. Have a great Friday and take care.