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Time posted: 12:18 pm

Thursday Afternoon Flood Update

Good afternoon, everyone. Significant flooding has already become an issue across many areas of Kentucky. Overnight rains produced a swath of 1″-3″ of rain, and that was enough to force many creeks and streams out of their banks.

Flood Warnings were a little slow this morning, but several areas are still under a Flood Warning through the afternoon…

The Flood Watch continues to make for an inept looking map, simply because one NWS office refuses to issue a watch for, at least, their northern counties…

Flash flooding was observed overnight in Fleming county, but they are STILL left out of the watch.

Rounds of heavy rain and thunderstorms continue to target the region through the weekend. That thought has not changed, and we will likely see additional flash flooding and general flooding. River flooding will continue to become a bigger and bigger problem in the coming days.

In addition to the flooding, the late Saturday into Saturday night setup continues to get my attention. Strong to severe storms may race across the state…

These storms will also be MAJOR rain producers…

This weekend has the potential to be nasty on many fronts, so please stay alert to the forecast in the coming days.

A similar looking system tries to follow that up by Wednesday of next week…

I will have the latest on WKYT-TV starting at 4pm, so tune in. Another update comes your way here on KWC later this evening.

Until then, let’s do some tracking…

Make it a good afternoon and take care.


Time posted: 2:05 am

All Eyes On The Flood Threat

Good Thursday, everyone. We continue tracking rounds of showers and thunderstorms rolling across the bluegrass state, bringing an extended flood threat. This will carry us through the upcoming weekend and may end with strong or severe storms.

Our day starts with the potential for flash flooding into much of the state as a band of heavy rain moves through. This can drop a general 1″-2″ before sunup in some areas. Watch those waterways.

Additional rounds come through here later today then again Friday and Saturday. The setup for late Saturday into Saturday night has a severe storms look to it…

That’s a setup I’m going to be watching very closely, as instability really increases ahead of our cold front and low wrapping up to our northwest. The front FINALLY looks to end the rains by Sunday afternoon, but not before many areas have picked up several inches of rain.

Here are your tracking tools for the day…

Hamburg Area from WKYT Studio

Fifth Third Pavilion Live Cam
Downtown Lexington

I-75 @ Newtown Pike

US 60 @ US 127
US60 @ US127


I-275 approaching KY 20/Airport
Near Covington
I-275 East of KY 20/Airport Exit

I-71/I-75 at Buttermilk Pike
Near Covington
I-71/I-75 @ Buttermilk Pike

Downtown Louisville @ 2nd & Broadway


I-64 at KY-801
Near Morehead

 I will have updates later today, so check back in. Make it a good one and take care.


Time posted: 7:33 pm

Flood Threat Update

Good evening, everyone. Rounds of showers and storms have a already dumped more than an inch of rain across parts of the state, and we have a lot more to come.

I’m concerned with an overnight flash flood potential as a few thunderstorms get involved in the mix. Another 1″-2″ may fall out there tonight into early Thursday, with locally higher amounts in storms.

I give up on trying to figure out the whole Flood Watch thing from our local NWS offices. Check out the jump zone in the east…

Several inches of rain are likely through Sunday. Nothing has really changed with all that and I don’t expect a lot of change in the coming days. I continue to like what the European Model is doing with the heaviest rain axis…

I’m also watching the severe storms potential Saturday into Saturday night. That happens as a potent low wraps up just to our west and finally drags the front through Kentucky. Check out the storms blowing up along this…

Here are your trackers for the evening…

Make it a great evening and take care.


Time posted: 12:05 pm

Wednesday Afternoon Update

Good afternoon, everyone. Our front is moving into Kentucky and slamming on the brakes, leading to a major temperature gradient to go along with showers and storms. This front hangs tough for the better part of the next 5 days, leading to a significant flood threat.

The temps out there today are amazing. As of this writing, we are near 80 in parts of eastern Kentucky with upper 30s showing up across the west. That’s a big old case of WOW!

I have no changes in the overall setup of the heavy rain potential rolling forward. All modes of flooding are likely through Sunday.

I would like to say I’m baffled at the Flood Watch not being expanded for the rest of Kentucky, but I’ve almost come to expect it from some of our NWS offices. As of this update, no additional counties have been added in northern, northeastern and southeastern Kentucky…

There is no excuse for not a watch not being issued by now. None. The areas not included in the watch are the very areas hardest hit by flooding over the past week or so. Thunderstorms this evening may even target southern and southeastern Kentucky, bringing a local flash flood threat.

In addition to the flood threat, the potential is there for strong or severe storms. We need to watch the Friday setup, but the Saturday afternoon and night setup stands out more…

Here are your tracking toys for the afternoon…

I will have the latest on WKYT starting at 4pm and will update things on KWC later this evening. Make it a good one and take care.


Time posted: 1:48 am

A Prolonged Flood Threat Begins

Good Wednesday, everyone. Rounds of heavy rain and thunderstorms are pushing across Kentucky today, kicking off a prolonged flood threat for the region. Several inches of rain will be likely through the upcoming weekend. Throw in some 30 degree temp swings and a few strong storms, and you have the making of a wild stretch of weather.

Here’s my updated rainfall forecast through Sunday…

That will be more than enough to cause rounds of flash flooding, general flooding and river flooding. If you live in a low-lying or flood prone region, please stay alert to the potential for high water issues.

This setup has the potential to produce significant flooding issues across much of Kentucky and surrounding states.

As a cold front stalls across Kentucky and will lead to some amazing temperature gradients. A 30 degree temperature swing on a given day is possible. The temps are going to be fascinating to watch during this period.

I’m also watching the potential for strong or severe storms at some point later Friday and Saturday.


Here are your tracking tools for day one of our flood threat…


I will have updates later in the day. Make it a good one and take care.