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Time posted: 7:28 pm

A “Fine Line” Winter Storm

Good evening, folks. It’s a beauty of a weather day wrapping up, but Old Man Winter ready to throw another punch at #teamspring. A winter storm moves in later tonight into Saturday, and I’m calling this the “fine line” winter storm. Why? Because a few miles will make all the difference between heavy snow or heavy rain.

Even within the snow area, there could be some spots coming in on the lighter side, with other areas coming in on the higher end. Here’s the current call…

Again, those lines are adjustable, depending on exactly where this narrow snow band set sup. It’s not just the southern edge of this either. The northern edge may also be VERY sharp in terms of a cut off. I can assure you, the cut off will not be a perfect match to the map above. 🙂

Heavy rain across the rest of the state may cause some local high water issues.

A Winter Storm Warning is now out for parts of north central and northeastern Kentucky, with a narrow Winter Weather Advisory surrounding that…

I will hook you up with all your tracking tools with my late night post. For now, here’s regional radar to track rain into the region…

Enjoy the evening and take care.


Time posted: 12:22 pm

Friday Afternoon Update

Good afternoon, friends and neighbors. Our Winter Storm ALERT continues for parts of the bluegrass state from late tonight through Saturday night. This is for the potential of several inches of wet snow to fall in a rather narrow corridor.

Temps tomorrow are critical as to who gets a cold rain and who gets a thumping snowstorm. Highs from the NAM continue to come in a littler colder with each run…

I was going to put out a new call for snowfall, but I haven’t seen enough for me to make any substantial changes to what I already have out. Keep in mind, I’m leaving myself some wiggle room with these lines and will tighten them up later today…

This is a VERY tight gradient setting up, with a mile or two being the difference between all rain and heavy snow. As is usually the case, some areas will come in on the under, and a few may hit the over on totals.

I will have a brand new call for snowfall on WKYT-TV starting at 4pm.

Winter Storm Watches will likely be upgraded to warnings and those should be expanded into eastern Kentucky and West Virginia…

Outside of the narrow corridor of heavy snow, it’s all about heavy rain. 1″-2″ of rain will be likely, with local high water issues possible. Some thunder may even rumble. Moral of the story… Saturday is just a nasty weather day.

Looking down the road, the pattern turns milder next week with thunderstorms entering the mix. We will need to watch for a few strong storms and heavy rains before the week is over.

After that, the first week of April is looking cold. Don’t be surprised if we are talking about snow, again. 🙁

#teamspring stinks.

I will have another update this evening. Take are.


Time posted: 2:30 am

Winter Storm ALERT

Good Friday, everyone. We continue to track another winter storm toward the bluegrass state, as we upgrade to a Winter Storm ALERT. This means confidence has increased for a 4″ or greater snowfall for parts of the region. This is our third winter storm in less than 2 weeks.

Here’s the infamous First Call For Snowfall…

Make sure to read the headlines on the map. Those give you a littler better insight about the challenges and caveats of the forecast. I will be updating the call throughout the day.

The latest model trends are similar in showing where the heaviest snows may setup, but may be just a smidge farther south than what I am showing…




The NAM is coming back south, but is likely overdone with precipitation amounts…

Here are the current Watches, Warnings and Advisories…

Outside of the narrow corridor of snow, heavy rainfall is likely. A general 1″-2″ of rain will be noted and that could cause some local high water issues. Rumbles of thunder may also be noted as the system moves through here.

The temperature gradient is going to be amazing, with 70 or better showing up in the far southwestern part of the state, with low and middle 30s in the north and east. Ouch.

The pattern into next week will feature milder temps, with the potential for showers and thunderstorms to increase. That may be followed by another cold setup developing for early April. At this point, if it snows during the first part of April, do not be surprised.

#teamspring continues to take a good old fashion whoopin!

I will update things later today, so check back. Have a good one and take care.