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Time posted: 12:04 pm

Monday Afternoon Update

Good afternoon, everyone. I wanted to drop by for a quick update on the rounds of storms moving across the region. Nothing has changed with my thought process, as the flash flood potential is elevated over the next few days.

In the near-term, the short range model known as the RAP is developing targeting areas of central and eastern Kentucky for some big rains through tonight…

Keep in mind that models can vary greatly with rainfall placements and totals. Exact placement of thunderstorms is a tall task, but it’s the trend to look for.

Even on the larger scale models, we are seeing some very hefty totals. The NAM over the next 3 days as some wild numbers…

Just be on guard for the potential for flash flooding from any storm that targets the region.

A few of the storms may also be strong or locally severe. Here’s the latest from the Storm Prediction Center…


I will have the latest on WKYT-TV starting at 4pm. In the meantime, let’s do some tracking…

Current watches
Current Watches

Possible watch areas
Current MDs

Have a great rest of your day and take care.


Time posted: 2:03 am

Strong Storms and Flash Flooding Possible

Good Monday, everyone. Rounds of showers and thunderstorms continue continue to roll across the bluegrass state, bringing the increased threat for flash flooding. These storms may also produce local high winds and hail. It’s a stormy pattern that’s locked in for the foreseeable future.

Storms come at us in waves from northwest to southeast this week. Give the potential for repeat action over the same areas, the flash flood potential is elevated. The exact track of each storm complex will determine who has the best threat for high water issues to develop. Here’s my initial look at who has the best shot at flash flooding…

In addition to the high water risk, some of the storms may be strong or severe. Wind damage will be the primary severe threat to watch for. Here’s today’s Severe Weather Outlook from the Storm Prediction Center…

A similar look may be with us on Tuesday…

The blog is all set to track today’s storms…

Current watches
Current Watches

Possible watch areas
Current MDs

Have a great Monday and take care.