Daily Archives: August 5, 2018

Time posted: 1:10 am

Storms To Increase In The Days Ahead

Good Sunday, folks. We are wrapping up the first weekend of August with some typical steam in the air and a few storms on the move. The stormy times will ramp it up in the days ahead. I’ll break that pattern down and throw in some winter talk.

Temps today will run on the seasonally toasty side, with a few storms cranking up this afternoon and evening.

Here are your daily radars to watch the sky…

The showers and storms will increase late Monday as a storm system drops in from the northwest. This could bring strong storms our way on Tuesday.

Additional showers and storms likely linger into Wednesday, with another system possibly coming at us later in the week toward the weekend. All this should help keep temps running a little cooler than normal.

I promised you guys a little winter talk, so lets do this. I’ve already shared some early thoughts over the past month or two… I like the way the El Niño is forecast to setup. The placement in the central Nino region and the weak look to it, both argue for a winter trough across our region. That would be good news to cold and snow lovers.

The new seasonal run of the Canadian Model looks like the last run and is locked in on the trough idea…






That’s a heck of a look for winter lovers and would show a fast starting winter that lingers through March.

Have a great Sunday and take care.