Daily Archives: October 2, 2018

Time posted: 1:19 am

A Warm and Stormy Start To October

Good Tuesday, folks. It’s a VERY warm start to the month of October and that warm air is bringing a few storms along for the ride. This warm and stormy setup is likely to carry us into week two of the month, before the pattern tries to flip in a big way. As all this is happening, we are watching to see what late season mischief the tropics can come up with.

A weak front is pushing into the Ohio Valley today and bringing a few showers and storms with it. A few of the storms may put down locally heavy rains…

Highs today are generally in the upper 70s to low 80s for most of the state.

Wednesday is a very warm and humid day with high temps hitting 80-85 for many. Isolated showers and storms will be possible.

Another front moves into the Ohio Valley on Thursday and will bring an increase in showers and storms. That front will only get so far into the region before it checks up. Watch how the storms fire up in the afternoon and evening…

A few of those storms may even be on the strong side.

Scattered showers and storms will be around this weekend into early next week. From there, what happens around here may largely depend on what happens in the tropics. Many of the models slowly bring the western trough toward the east, with something tropical trying to form in the Caribbean. Some of the runs from the new version of the GFS have this in the gulf and trying to head our way. The Canadian is now on that train…

It’s still very early in the game, but that’s an interesting scenario and one that’s more than plausible… Especially given we have already had 3 systems move across the state this season.

At some point, the cold weather damn will break and it will flood our region in a big way. The European Ensembles continues to show this late next week…

Even in a warmer and stormier setup, there is no shortage of exciting weather to track.

Have a great day and take care.