Daily Archives: November 10, 2018

Time posted: 7:48 pm

A Few Late Evening Thoughts

Good evening, fellow weather weenies. I wanted to drop by for a super quick update on the rain and snow system moving in here for early next week. As we get closer to the storm system, things start to come into a little better focus.

The energy with this storm system is fairly strung out, leading to lighter precipitation across the bluegrass state. You can see the strung out nature of the system on the future radar/satellite from the Hi Res Nam. This only goes through Monday evening…

You can see how the main band of precipitation is in the form of rain as expected. Then you see rain and snow filling in behind that, but it’s lighter in nature.

Here’s a little more specific look at my current expectations from this system…

The best chance for some accumulations comes later Monday night into Tuesday. Given the amount of cold surging into the state, wet roads can turn a little icy even without much snow.

Another storm system may try to impact us late in the week, with another arctic surge behind it for the weekend. I will have a full update on all this early season winter mischief coming up later tonight.

Enjoy the evening and take care.