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Time posted: 12:24 pm

Thursday Afternoon Update

Good afternoon, everyone. Our Winter Storm THREAT continues for the northern half of the bluegrass state from Friday night through the upcoming weekend. In the overall scheme of things, I have no changes to how this looks to play out.

I’ll get to that in a moment, but we still have flurries and snow showers showing up across areas of central and eastern Kentucky…

As expected, we had some school delays earlier this morning as a few roads were coated in snow.

Moving on to the weekend winter storm. My threat area remains the same, with the northern half of the state in the line of fire…

I’ve talked about how we are likely to get three different waves of precipitation pushing across the state over the weekend. I’m going to handle them one at a time, but for the purpose of the First Call For Snowfall map, I’m ONLY talking about the first wave Friday night and Saturday morning…

That’s a pretty good swath of snow working from west to east during this time. The southern edge of that may have some rain or switch to rain, hence the lower amounts.

I will handle the snowfall forecasts for the other waves later tonight.

There’s likely to be a break in the action Saturday afternoon into early Saturday evening, but the next wave moves in after that. That’s in the form of snow in the north and rain in the south and southeast.

Another light snow maker moves in late Sunday and Monday.

Remember, we are talking snowfall and not total snow depth. Wet snows compact quickly.

The latest computer models are pretty much holding their own compared to previous runs. One of these models is not like the others…




The GFS continues to show way less total precipitation than any other model. Not just across Kentucky, but for the entire storm system. Still, it’s finally seeing the northern Kentucky snow better than prior runs.

Some thoughts to remember:

  • The farther north you live the better the chance of picking up several inches of snow.
  • Areas across southern Kentucky may not see much in the way of snow after Friday night. Even then, it’s light.
  • This system comes at us in waves.
  • Snowfall does not equal snow depth.
  • A one degree difference is all it takes to more the forecast lines north or south. One stinking degree.

I will have the latest on WKYT-TV starting at 4pm and have another update later this evening. Make it a good one and take care.