Daily Archives: February 3, 2019

Time posted: 3:42 pm

Updating A Busy Week Ahead

Good afternoon, everyone. Gorgeous weather continues across the bluegrass state as we get ready to a wild weather ride for the week ahead. Heavy rains, thunderstorms, near record temps, snow and a big temperature crash are on the way.

I’ve been setting the stage for this for a while now. A cold front moves in and hangs around, allowing areas of low pressure to work along the boundary. There is one heck of a temperature gradient showing up with this setup and that will help fuel a lot f precipitation.

The computer model 7 day rainfall numbers are very concerning…




Flooding is certainly a possibility in the week ahead and I can’t even rule out a few strong or severe thunderstorms. Those big thunderstorms may actually come just a few hours before we see some snow. Watch this dramatic temperature drop from Thursday through Friday night…

Watch the transition to some snow in the process…




The action doesn’t stop there. Two more potent storm systems then roll our way late next weekend into early the following week…

This is one energetic pattern that will deliver a ton of precipitation in our region for the foreseeable future. With a pattern that is likely to turn VERY cold again, that will likely include snows deep into March.

I will be on WKYT-TV tonight after the Super Bowl. You can check in with me then or later tonight on KWC. Make it a good one and take care.


Time posted: 1:54 am

A Very Active Setup Ahead

Good Sunday, everyone. It’s another flat out awesome day of weather across the Commonwealth, but changes are lurking for the week ahead. Those changes will bring about a very active setup as we watch a boundary hang around the region. Exactly where that boundary sets up will have a huge impact on our actual weather.

Our first system rolls in here on Monday with just a few showers possible. Temps may spike into the 60s again before any drops show up.

The front responsible for any shower action will get into the region then put the brakes on. A huge temperature gradient will show up from one side of the front to the other, with waves of low pressure rolling along the boundary. South of the boundary, spring like  readings will be noted and that will fuel heavy amounts of rain and even the potential for strong thunderstorms. North of the boundary, winter weather shows up.

The New version of the GFS continues to show the potential for strong storms and high water, with some winter weather to follow…

That would have another low behind it later next weekend. 7 day rainfall numbers are way up there…

The Canadian Model has a similar look and end result…

This whole pattern has a super active look to it as cold air reestablishes itself from late next week through the following week. Check out the 5 day means from the Euro Control…

The whole orientation of a ridge off the east coast and brutally cold air diving into the plains means this active storm track will continue. Excessive amounts of rain and snow show up with a look like that.

Updates later today. Have a good one and take care.