Daily Archives: February 26, 2019

Time posted: 7:40 pm

Tuesday Evening Update

Good evening, everyone. We are rolling through a very nice stretch of weather and it has one more day left in the tank. After that, we start to ugly it up a bit with a winter looking setup moving in for the weekend and through the first week of March.

Temps for Wednesday should hit the 60s in most areas as clouds slowly thicken. Winds will be a little gusty as a cold front drops in from the northwest. That allows for a weak wave of low pressure to develop along this front on Thursday and that should bring a few showers through the region. There’s the chance for a little mix in the north during this time.

An arctic front moves in here for the start of the weekend and that should bring some gusty showers with it. There’s the chance for a few flakes showing up after it blows through here on Saturday.

It’s the system coming in behind this that’s getting some attention. With our storm track setting up to the south, the potential is there for winter weather across Kentucky. The European Model continues to show this potential very well for Sunday and Sunday night…

The Canadian continues to run in lock step with the Euro…

Earlier today, the GFS got on board with this potential, but it jumped right back off this afternoon. The model is back to playing up the Friday and Saturday system before downplaying the Sunday system…

The GFS is a mess and was set to be replaced by the new version of the GFS I’ve been showing, but that new version is performing even worse. So, NOAA has postponed that replacement until it can do more work in the new version. The Euro, regardless of flaws, has always been king and will continue to be king.

Enjoy the evening and take care.


Time posted: 12:24 pm

A Quick Midday Update

Good afternoon, everyone. I don’t have much time, so this is going to be a super short update on the potential for a weekend winter weather system.

After being the only models not to see the Sunday winter possibility, the GFS family finally caved. Here’s a look at how the models are getting weaker with the Friday/Saturday system and stronger with the Sunday system…


GFSI will have the latest on WKYT-TV starting at 4pm then on KWC this evening. Make it a good one and take care.


Time posted: 1:51 am

More Of A Winter Look Ahead

Good Tuesday, everyone. We have another nice day taking shape, but big changes are on the way as we get ready to roll into March. Just like last year, the pattern looks to flip to a winter look as we flip the calendar to the new month and kick off meteorological spring. #teamspring ain’t happy!

The weather today and Wednesday is nice with highs in the 50s today and 60s on Wednesday as we stay dry.

Big changes show up as early as Thursday. That’s when a system brings a wintry mix of mainly rain and a tough of snow across the bluegrass state. The best chance for the true mix is across the north. The new NAM even has a touch of freezing rain…

That sets the stage for an arctic front to swing in here after that to start the upcoming weekend. The models differ on how to handle this whole thing. The GFS family has more precipitation with this and goes from rain to some snowflakes…

That’s likely overdone because… It’s the GFS.

The European Model has a quicker and flatter arctic front sweeping through here, with a developing storm right behind it for Sunday. This is a signal that’s been very consistent over the past few days…

With the cold air pushing the storm track just to our south, a scenario like that is very possible and I need to really start focusing more on this potential.

The Euro isn’t alone in showing this. The Canadian has been in lock step and has another storm system right behind that for the middle of next week…

The European Model has been seeing something similar to that by next Tuesday and Wednesday.

While it doesn’t show the Sunday system very well, the GFS is also picking up on this one…

So, things are getting very interesting for winter weather lovers. I continue to be amazed at how similar the weather is to this same time last year!

I will have updates later today, so check back. Have a good one and take care.