Daily Archives: March 4, 2019

Time posted: 1:27 am

March Is Off To A Frigid Start

Good Monday, folks. We are rolling into a absolutely frigid first full week of March as arctic air controls much of the country. As the week wears on, we are likely to see the pattern turn active again and that means a winter weather threat and the potential for thunderstorms. Do your thing, March!

For early March, the temps through the middle of the week are considered bitterly cold. Highs stay in the 20s with lows from 10-15, with a single digit possible. Gusty winds will provide the bitter part and could send wind chills below zero on occasion…

There’s a little system zipping in on a northwest wind later Tuesday and that may spit out a few flurries or snow showers.

#teamspring ain’t happy with that or the system coming in behind it. That can deliver more winter weather and rain by later Thursday and early Friday.



The setup behind this is an attention getting for all the wrong reasons. When I see a negatively tilted bowling ball coming out of the plains with a surge of Gulf air ahead of it, alarm bells go off…

If that scenario is realized, severe weather would be possible from the plains to the Appalachian states this weekend. This is one heck of a looking storm system…

Here’s hoping that scenario isn’t being handled properly by the models. As is… Cold air crashes in behind that storm with some wraparound snow possible. The setup then tries to repeat itself a few days later.

I will have updates later today. Make it a good one and take care.