Daily Archives: March 5, 2019

Time posted: 7:29 pm

Updating The Flake Makers

Good evening, everyone. Another shot of cold air is pushing into the region tonight, bringing some snow showers and flurries along for the ride. This is the first of two flake makers I’m tracking, with the second one having a good shot at putting snow on the ground later in the week.

This evening’s snow showers may have some hit and run coatings with them…

It’s an interesting setup for late Thursday into early Friday as overrunning light snow develops in a northwest-southeast oriented band. This could be a healthy wet snowfall for some areas.

The models continue to show the north and northeast as having the best snow chance…




Milder winds will actually come in behind this as a major plains storm system cranks this weekend. Temps will head toward 60 this weekend as winds may reach 40-50mph at times. Strong thunderstorms may also be possible…

That’s one heck of a storm system.

Enjoy the evening and take care.