Daily Archives: March 12, 2019

Time posted: 2:02 am

Short-Lived Spring Fever

Good Tuesday, everybody. We have a small case of spring fever breaking out across the bluegrass state. The CDC is upgrading us to a full blown outbreak through Thursday. Beyond that, the reality of March sets back in as a much colder pattern serves as the cure to our outbreak. Blah!

Temps today will be in the 50s with a mix of sun and clouds, but the numbers are set to climb from there. Temps hit the 60s on Wednesday then should head toward 70 on Thursday as southwesterly winds absolutely crank. Those winds are ahead of a major plains storm system rolling toward the Great Lakes. That drags a cold front across Kentucky, bringing showers and storms with it…

A few of the storms may be strong. Winds will also be very gusty and could top 40mph at times before the colder air rushes in. That colder air may also have a wraparound rain or snow shower late Friday.

As the colder settles in this weekend, we will need to watch the setup into next week. It’s one ripe for a big storm to develop across the eastern part of the country. The models are trying their best to sniff this out. Watch all the energy dropping in and trying to hook up with a storm in the deep south…



That’s certainly and interesting setup and one that argues we haven’t seen our last round of winter weather. No thanks!

Enjoy the day and take care.