Daily Archives: March 15, 2019

Time posted: 1:50 am

A Chillier Setup Blows In

Good Friday, folks. We are coming off a wild Thursday that brought tornadoes and damaging winds to much of the bluegrass state. The storms were ahead of a strong cold front now to our east and a much colder pattern is settling into our part of the world.

Before looking ahead, let’s talk about those winds on Thursday. Winds were pushing close to 70mph in several areas, giving us some of the strongest non-thunderstorm winds to ever hit the region. Lexington had a 69mph gust with Louisville checking in at 67mph.

Fast forward to today and things are still windy, but nothing like what we had yesterday. Today’s winds are northwesterly and much colder with temps generally in the 40s. Clouds will also thicken¬†as the day wears on with a few showers possible late. There’s even a slight chance for a snowflake tonight…

Sunday is another windy day with a slight recovery in temps as we watch a weak system dive in from the northwest. That may bring a shower with it and could whittle a few degrees off the thermometer for Monday. From there, a stronger system tries to dig in by the middle of the week. Can that hook up with a system in the Gulf or in the southeast? Maybe, but the models aren’t really seeing it.

The Canadian…


Enjoy your Friday and take care.