Daily Archives: May 14, 2019

Time posted: 1:21 am

From Chilly Temps To A Summer Surge

Good Tuesday, folks. We have a much better looking and feeling pattern taking shape for our part of the world. Temps of late have been about as chilly as you will ever find for this time of year, but a true surge of summer air is on the way.

Let us begin with today and roll forward.

Temps will be generally in the 60s for highs after starting the day around 40. You will notice clouds billowing back up during the afternoon hours, but those quickly dissipate during the evening.

Wednesday has a system dropping in from the northwest, giving us the chance for a storm or two. Temps should make a run at 70.

The warm air begins to surge in here for the end of the week and may be accompanied by a few showers and storms. Check out the toasty temps pushing in behind our Friday warm front…

Temps this weekend will be downright warm…

Humidity levels will also be climbing ahead of a cold front. That can touch off scattered showers and thunderstorms, especially later this weekend…

A more pronounced storm system may roll in here early next week…

That could wind up turning into a very active storm setup around our neck of the woods.

Have a terrific Tuesday and take care.