Daily Archives: July 14, 2019

Time posted: 1:50 am

Tropical Rains On The Way

Good Sunday, everyone. A weak cold front is dropping into the region today as offshoot tropical moisture streams into the region ahead of Barry. This tropical moisture will increase in the days ahead as the remnants of Barry roll into the Ohio Valley, bringing heavy amounts of rain our way.

As always, we begin with today and roll forward. Our boundary will combine with some tropical moisture to kick off a few showers and storms. This isn’t an all day rain and not everyone will even see rain, but any storm that’s out there can put down very heavy rains in a short amount of time. Local flash flooding issues may very well develop. Here are your trackers for the day…

What’s left of Barry rolls this way from Monday through early Thursday. This won’t be constant rains, but a general 1″-3″ will fall across the state during this time. Higher amounts will be possible for some areas and those are the areas that can experience flash flooding issues.

Humidity levels will be sky high, but high temps come way down.

Once the remnants of Barry slide to our east, a surge of heat is building into the plains and Midwest. This setup can sometimes produce thunderstorm clusters riding the ridge into our region. Some of the models are hinting at this potential next weekend…

Hot temps are likely to surge in here into next week and could give us a nice little run of real deal heat before a trough tries to dig into the eastern part of the country.

I told you that tropical systems can REALLY alter the overall pattern and Barry is certainly doing just that.

Enjoy your Sunday and take care.