Daily Archives: August 9, 2019

Time posted: 1:25 am

Tracking A Few Showers and Storms

Good Friday, folks. Our cold front is slowing down across the state and that’s helping ignite some showers and storms across the state today. This action isn’t looking terribly widespread, but some downpours are a good bet through the early evening. Behind that, some of the good stuff moves in for Saturday.

A few boomers will roll from across the state today, with the greatest impact likely along and south of Interstate 64. Within this area, pockets of very heavy rain may show up, leading to more high water issues. This is NOT all day rain and NOT everyone will see the boomers. I will have your tracking toys in a bit.

The air cleans up very well tonight and Saturday as the front stops just to our south. Saturday still looks like a winner of a weather day as humidity and temps come down. With that front nearby, I can’t rule out a storm or two across the southwest.

Temps surge for Sunday and Monday as the boundary returns north, bringing the potential for some storm clusters with it. That will be ahead of another potent cold front dropping in with showers and storms Tuesday and Wednesday…

Temps come down behind that boundary and should feel comfy for a few days.

I’m still eyeing the potential for some heat to try and control the pattern for a bit as we get deeper into August. You may also start hearing of a ring of fire pattern setting up across the country.

On a side note, I’ve allowed the blog to become a little boring of late and I’m sure you guys have noticed. I’m going to start ramping it back up over the coming weeks and get us back to where we used to be. 🙂

Here are your storm tracking toys to wrap up the week…

Have a great day and take care.