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Time posted: 8:10 pm

Wednesday Evening Update

Good evening, everyone. We are wrapping up another record setting hot day across the bluegrass state. This heat wave is about to come to an end, though, as a fall cold front gets ready to plow through here. This arrives late Thursday with very nice air behind it, but little rain ahead of it. The rain threat waits until Sunday and Monday to increase.

As big of a story as the cooler air is, the need for rain is a much bigger issue, so let’s concentrate on that. Our late weekend cold front brings showers and storms in here on Sunday. This front looks to slow down, allowing low pressure along it.

The latest trend among the models is to wait until this front is into central and eastern Kentucky to spit out the beneficial rains. Here are the latest totals from the European Model…

Much of the other medium range models agree with this. You can see the increase on the Canadian…

Temps may actually be considered chilly with this rain system and then stay seasonally cool/chilly for much of next week. There’s a chance for our first upper 30s to show up in some of the colder spots on a morning or two next week.

Get that Pot Of Chili ready… I smell an ALERT! 😉

Enjoy your evening and take care.

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Time posted: 1:35 am

More Record Heat Before Big Changes

Good Wednesday, everybody. Record heat will continue today and into Thursday for some areas, but big changes are lurking by Friday. That’s when a fall cold front brings much cooler air into the state, taking our temps closer to normal. Once we get the cooler air, the rain chances will then increase by Sunday and Monday.

Let’s begin with today’s weather. It’s $#@^^ hot!

Thursday is another hot day as our front doesn’t arrive until the evening. Temps can easily hit 90 or a little better, especially in the east. This may very well set more record highs and could be the 3rd hottest day ever recorded in October, only behind Yesterday and today. As I wrote last night, this is right up there with one of the greatest all time heat waves to ever impact Kentucky.

The cold front moves through with little, if any, rainfall. Behind it comes a blast of some of the good stuff. The NAM is the coolest of all models for Friday. Here’s how it starts the day…

Afternoon temps stay in the 60s on this run…

That’s likely too cool, so lets hit the 70-75 degree range for many. Friday evening looks great with a chilly start to the day on Saturday as lows are likely deep into the 40s.

Saturday is a nice and breezy day with temps in the 70s, but some low 80s sneak in across the west and south. This will be ahead of a cold front working toward us on Sunday. That boundary may try to slow down and allow a wave of low pressure to develop along it. The new GFS isn’t as pronounced with this low, but still has some decent rains…

The Canadian has never really shown much of a low, but it’s a little better looking…

Regardless of how much rain we can get from this setup, some very cool air is likely next week. I imagine some of this may depend on a renewed uptick in potential tropical development. Instead of big systems in the Atlantic, we will need to watch the Gulf…

I will try to throw ya’ll another update this evening. Make it a great day and take care.