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Time posted: 7:42 pm

Updating The Heavy Rain Threat

Good evening, everyone. Clouds are starting to increase and a couple of showers and stotms are already developing as our big rain maker inches closer. The setup for the next few days continues to be one that targets much of the region with much needed rains, with some areas potentially getting too much of a good thing.

Scattered showers and storms continue to develop overnight and continue into Sunday. Widespread rain and storms develop Sunday evening and carry us into Monday, with the greatest concentration across central and eastern Kentucky. It’s this area that may pick up a general 1″-3″ of rain, with lighter amounts in the west and far north.

You can see what I’m talking about with the latest rainfall maps from the forecast models…




All three of those models are showing a few spots of 3″+, but differ on where. Areas getting under those could be in line for local high water issues and that’s something I’ll be watching for Sunday night.

Clouds and rain linger on Monday, keeping temperatures in the 50s for highs across the eastern half of the state. Folks, that’s a full blown Pot Of Chili Alert…Lows by Tuesday morning could even reach the upper 30s in some of the colder valleys.

The weather for the middle of next week looks super nice with crisp mornings and mild afternoons. Winds look really gusty ahead of an even stronger cold front moving in here by the end of the week. That may bring thunderstorms and gusty winds ahead of a big time temp crash…

We are setting up for the first frost/light freeze potential next weekend…

On a related note, watch the east coast in the days ahead. There could be a monster storm developing, but it shouldn’t impact our weather.

Blow out post coming later tonight! 🙂  I leave you with your Saturday evening radars…

Enjoy the rest of the day and take care.

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Time posted: 1:58 am

Heavy Rain On The Way

Good Saturday, everyone. We have some absolutely awesome weather continuing across the Commonwealth today, but the focus is on a heavy rain event moving in for Sunday and Monday. We may go from a history making dry period to local high water issues. Extremes continue to rule!

Let’s begin with today and roll forward. Temps are in the 40s to start and end with 75-80 across the north and 80-85 across the south. Winds will be very gusty with a clouds increasing as the day wears on. There’s even the slight chance for a stray shower or storm late today in the southeast…

Scattered showers and storms will increase tonight into Sunday as a strong cold front inches closer from the west. This front will have a small disturbance or wave of low pressure along it and that will cause rain and storms to rapidly increase Sunday night. Heavy amounts of rain will be likely into the first half of Monday and this could lead to some local flooding issues. The models still vary on where the heaviest axis of rain will fall, but the totals are generous across the board…




The rain will end from west to easy Monday as temps remain chilly. Readings may not get out of the 50s across the eastern half of the state.

Tuesday through Thursday still look absolutely falltastic with chilly mornings and mild afternoons. Our next system will throw clouds at us on Thursday, with showers and storms quickly rolling in from the west to end the week. This setup could even bring a few strong storms and gusty winds into the region…

That kind of front usually produces one of those mega temp gradients where the numbers drop 20 degrees in just a small distance.

This is a pretty cold look for the middle of October and could bring us a frost/light freeze threat by Saturday and Sunday mornings…

From historic heat to a frost threat in a little over a week… The weather world changes just that fast, my friends.

I’m going to try to throw a little winter weather talk at ya over the next few days. You know the season is getting close when we go into double update days. 🙂

See y’all with the next update late today. Until then, make it a good one and take care.