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Time posted: 12:32 pm

Breaking Down A Busy Pattern

Good afternoon, everyone. Our ugly weather day rolls on as showers and little bit of snow impact the region. As we head into the weekend, things continue to look half and half, but next week is looking pretty nasty. Lots of rain is on the way, with the potential for some snow thrown in there.

Speaking of snow, the area I highlighted in far northern Kentucky picked up on light accumulations this morning. The rest of the area is dealing with showers as things slowly taper off into the evening. Here are your tracking tools…

Covington area


No image available.

A little bit of shower action blows back in as we open February on Saturday. Winds will be gusty with a seasonal brand of temps. Those temps surge toward 60 for Super Bowl Sunday under a mostly sunny sky. Monday continues to look pretty darn nice with 60s for highs and an increase in clouds.

Those clouds will begin to produce rain by Monday night and that may last for a few days. The setup continues to feature a SLOW moving front pushing into our part of the world. As it does so, waves of low pressure develop and ride along the boundary producing heavy rain. By the second half of the week, a couple of these lows will need to be watched for a possible snow impact.

Here’s the latest GFS…

Check out the heavy rain totals from that run over the next 7 days…

The Canadian Model has a similar overall view, but offers up a quicker chance for snow…

I will try to throw you another update this evening, but no promises. Make it a good one and take care.


Time posted: 1:58 am

A Little Ugly To End January

Good Friday, everyone. January is winding down with some showers and a touch of snow across the far north. February is ready to start out on a blah note for Saturday, but things look absolutely awesome for Super Bowl/Groundhog Day Sunday. Beyond that, it looks like a temp battle brewing and it’s one that can bring a lot of rain our way.

Today’s showers will be moving through fairly quickly and may even start as some snow in the far north. There could even be some light accumulations there. Here are your tools to track the action…

Covington area


No image available.

Temps range from the low 40s north to the 50s across the far south and southeast.

A quick hitting system zips in and out of town on Saturday, bringing a few showers across the eastern half of the state. Our Saturday forecast is looking better as we get closer. Winds will be rather gusty with temps hitting 50 west and mainly 40s for the rest of the state.

Sunday looks AMAZING with temps in the upper 50s to low 60s.

The setup for next week features a slow moving front sagging into the region. Temps ahead of this will generally be in the 60s for Monday and Tuesday. As the front moves in, waves of low pressure develop along the front and could bring heavy rain through here from Monday night through Wednesday. As the front tries to push just to our east by the second half of the week, this could lead to some winter weather possibilities.

You can see all this playing out on the Euro…

The GFS is actually pretty similar…

The ICON has a similar look…

I will have updates later today. Have a good one and take care.


Time posted: 12:34 pm

Thursday Afternoon Thoughts

Good afternoon, everyone. We have a pretty decent late January day taking place across the region, but that’s not going to last. Another system rolls in here for Friday, with another for Saturday. Those two will have touch of ugly with them before we turn Super for Sunday.

A band of light rain increases from southwest to northeast tonight and early Friday. This zips through with a small potential for some frozen stuff across far northern Kentucky…



The next system then moves in with a few showers on Saturday and some of those may end as a flake during the evening. That doesn’t look like a big deal at all.

Super Bowl Sunday looks great with sunny skies and temps in the upper 50s to low 60s. 60s looks to hold tough for Monday and Tuesday as some showers increase. Those showers are ahead of a slow-moving cold front working in here from the west. This will likely slow down, leading to additional waves of low pressure rolling along it.

Here’s how the GFS sees it…

The Canadian Model is much slower with all this and is similar to last night’s EURO…

I may not be able to update this evening, so no worries if I can’t! Make it a good one and take care.