Daily Archives: January 5, 2020

Time posted: 5:21 pm

A Little Snow Before A Lot Of Rain

Good evening, folks. Our super duper active weather pattern kicks into high gear for the week ahead as several systems roll into the region. The first brings a swath of light snow Monday night and Tuesday, with the next two set to bring a lot of rain.

The Monday night and Tuesday system has been on our radar for many days now. The models had been cutting this system to the Great Lakes but our southward correction was on to something. As a matter of fact, the models have corrected so far south that mainly southern and southeastern Kentucky look to get in on some snow. This is a fast-moving system, but it can throw down light accumulations. Here’s the area with the best chance of seeing some snow on the ground…

That system zips through very quickly, so you only have a small window of opportunity to get snow from this. I will probably be able to put out a First Call For Snowfall map later tonight.

We have been targeting late next week through early the following week for the possibility of flooding rains around here. The focus area remains unchanged…

The first big heavy rain maker rolls into the region late Thursday and likely takes us through Saturday. Rounds of rain and some strong thunderstorms will be possible during this time. Here are the rain numbers from just this first system…




Obviously, you are going to see variation from model to model and run to run, but the main takeaway is still the same… A lot of rain will fall from this first storm.

Sunday looks to give us a brief break in the action, but the next big rain maker looks to move in by Monday and Tuesday. Check out the rainfall numbers from just that storm on the Euro…

The sad thing is, we could get another system to come in behind that one later next week.

I’ll see you guys for an update later tonight, so check back. Until then, enjoy your Sunday evening and take care.


Time posted: 1:45 am

Super Active Pattern Continues

Good Sunday, everyone. We are rolling into a pattern that looks all too familiar to those of us in Kentucky and surrounding states. We are coming out of the wettest decade on record and the new decade is starting out with more of the same. The setup ahead of us is going to dump a lot of rain around here and it’s pretty concerning to see the numbers on the forecast models.

Let’s begin with today and roll forward. Skies become partly sunny with temps bouncing into the 40s.

Temps are back into the 40s on Monday as clouds increase during the afternoon and evening. These clouds are ahead of a fast-moving system that rolls through here Monday night and Tuesday,bringing rain and some snow…


GFSSome light accumulations are possible just north and west of the track of the low.

Once this goes through, things really become active as a deep trough takes up residence across the western part of the country and a ridge springs along the east coast. This puts our region in a strong southwest flow with several storm systems riding across the region from late next week into early the following week, at least. The end result is a lot of rain for a lot of people…

That’s likely to come from two separate storm systems…

I will have another update later today, so check back. Have a good one and take care.