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Time posted: 7:33 pm

High Winds Possible Saturday

Good evening, everyone. We have another big wind maker rolling into the region later tonight and Saturday as another potent system works in. The winds will likely cause issues before ushering in a blast of arctic cold through early next week.

For the entire week, we have been focusing on the potential for big winds coming in tonight into Saturday and nothing has changed with that thought. As a matter of fact, the models are showing higher winds as we get closer. Check out the 60mph+ gusts on a few models…

Hi Res NAM


The lowest wind gusts from the models is from the GFS, but even it shows widespread 50mph gusts…

Given the model forecasts for gusts, one would assume a Wind Advisory would be a slam dunk across Kentucky. As of this writing, not a single county in Kentucky is under a Wind Advisory, even though the forecast gusts easily meet the NWS’s own criteria…

If the NAM and EURO verify, the High Wind Warning would verify. Regardless, there isn’t a single piece of model data that suggests a Wind Advisory shouldn’t be in effect. I asked the forecasters on duty at the NWS in Louisville as to why and they said they collaborated with all surrounding NWS offices and no one had enough confidence to issue one.

The group think tank mentality that has invaded the entire weather community of late is something to behold.

I digress. 🙂

Cold air comes in behind this departing system as arctic winds blow into early next week. Wind chills are going to be way down…

Enjoy your evening and take care.


Time posted: 12:26 pm

Friday Afternoon Update

Good afternoon, everyone. It’s a cold day in the bluegrass state as clouds continue to thicken ahead of our weekend storm system. This will bring high winds for Saturday as arctic cold temps tumble in from the northwest for Sunday through Tuesday.

Precipitation is moving in from the west this afternoon, but it’s likely to be a lot on the radar and very little at the ground due to dry air. By late afternoon and evening, scattered stuff will make it to the ground across areas of western and central Kentucky. A brief period of a mix will be possible in these areas before showers take over …

Gusty rain will be likely on Saturday along and ahead of our cold front. Temps spike into the 50s ahead of this then come crashing down during the evening. A few flakes may show up as the cold air crashes in, but this isn’t a bit deal.

However, winds will be a big deal. Gusts of 50mph or greater will be possible…

Hi Res NAM


NAMCold and windy weather comes in behind all this, knocking our wind chill numbers way down from Sunday through Tuesday…

Temps rebound toward the end of the week as we watch another storm system work toward the region. There’s a chance we see this system forced farther south in time. I will touch more on that with my evening update.

Enjoy your afternoon and take care.


Time posted: 1:29 am

High Winds To Unleash Arctic Cold

Good Friday, folks. Here comes another big time storm system rolling our way for the weekend. This will bring a lot of wind back to the bluegrass state, but this one will also unleash a little something else. Arctic temps surge in behind this with wind chills that flirt with the danger category from Sunday through Tuesday.

Let’s begin with the leading edge of this system impacting the region today. It’s a cold one with temps in the 30s for most of the state as clouds thicken. Some light precipitation moves in later this afternoon and evening across areas of the west and moves into central and northern Kentucky. There’s the chance for a little bit of a mix of frozen precipitation before rain takes over.

Here’s a look at the precipitation type accumulation from the NAM…

Again, any frozen stuff would be brief this evening.

Rain and VERY windy weather then takes us into Saturday. Gusts may top out greater than 50mph at times…

Very cold air comes in behind this with wind chills that are way down there from Sunday through Tuesday…

For winter weather lovers, the European Weeklies continue to offer hope from later this month through the start of March. Check out the pattern featuring much more of a trough into the eastern half of the country…

This model nailed the super warm pattern of the past 6 weeks, so it gets some attention with what it’s showing.

I will have updates later today so check back. Make it a good one and take care.