Daily Archives: January 20, 2020

Time posted: 8:54 pm

Monday Evening Update

Good evening, folks. A few snow showers and flurries continue to fly as arctic cold winds do the deed. The arctic part of the cold will ease over the next few days as we focus on a bigger storm system later this week into the weekend. That still looks like a rain and snow maker.

The forecast for the end of the week continues to depend on the strength of the first low. Once the second low develops to our east, we should be good for, at least, some winter weather.

Here’s the new GFS…

If you want snow around here, you want the lead low to be weaker and the east coast low to be strong and farther west.

If we look at the various Ensembles, we find them on board for some snow later Saturday into Sunday…




Again, the best chance for some snow from this is later Saturday into Sunday.

Earlier, I mentioned an active southern storm track taking shape and the models are catching up on this…

We shall see what each individual storm can bring to our neck of the woods.

Enjoy the rest of your evening and take care.


Time posted: 12:08 pm

Snow Showers Continue

Good afternoon, folks. Snow showers and arctic cold temps continue on our MLK Day. For winter weather lovers, this isn’t much snow, but it’s certainly better than what you’ve been suffering through. Once we get through this touch of winter, we focus on a late week system.

Today’s snow showers are coming on our strong northwesterly wind. This arctic cold flow is usually good for some light coatings and that’s what we’ve been seeing and will continue to see. Slick roads are also a good bet under the heaviest snow showers. Track away…






Pine Mountain

Mt. Vernon


Mountain Parkway near Slade


Temps are coming in on the under and will likely stay in the low and middle 20s for many. Gusty winds will make it feel like the teens.

Temps stay seasonally cold through the week as we wait on our next system to show up. One low is going to run into our region with another low developing to our east Friday into Saturday. For folks who want snow, you want the lead low to be VERY weak with the second low to be much stronger. The trend is heading in that direction, but we will be walking a fine line with rain to snow.

The Canadian has the best look for snow lovers…

The GFS continues to show up much farther south than earlier runs…

Right now, this looks like rain arriving on Friday with an increasing potential for rain to snow Saturday. Can we get some snow on the ground? That’s certainly possible, but depends on exactly when and where the second low forms and takes control.

I will have another update this evening. Until then, make it a good one and take care.


Time posted: 2:07 am

Watching The End Of The Week

Good Monday, everyone. Our new week is off and running on a frigid note as we look toward a system late this week. This is a storm system that will likely roll right on top of us before transferring energy to a storm along the eastern seaboard.

Let’s begin with today and look ahead. Temps are in the low and mid teens to begin the day with a few single digits showing up in the cold valleys. For many, this is the coldest air we have had since back in early NOVEMBER! That’s absolutely amazing when you stop and thing about it.

Wind chills this morning will be near zero at times. Highs warm into the mid 20s to low 30s with gusty winds making it feel colder. A few flurries and light snow showers may continue on our strong northwesterly flow…

Our late week storm system is likely to roll right on top of us before giving way to a storm along the east coast. This setup generally brings rain that can end as some snow. This will be a pretty slow moving storm that impacts our weather from late Thursday through Sunday.

Slight variations with the track and intensity of the system are showing up with the models…





This is literally the only thing we have to track over the next week and that’s what we shall do. I will have updates later today, so check back. Make it a great MLK Day and take care.