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Time posted: 7:45 pm

Chilly Showers Slow Down

Good evening, everyone. We continue to track  chilly showers across parts of the region, but this action is slowly moving away as we close out March. While April starts on a cool note, much milder days are on the way before the week is over.

Temps continue to run in the 40s this evening with most of the rain in the east and southeast…

As this storm wraps up to our east Wednesday, low clouds are going to be stubborn across central and eastern Kentucky. That may also include a stray shower or two. You can see that on the Hi Res NAM…

High temps for the first day of April will be held much cooler than normal…

That’s certainly a little more ugly on the weather menu.

The sun returns to the entire state by Thursday and that boosts our temps back into the 60s with a 70 in the far west…

This kicks off another very warm pattern through the weekend and into next week. It’s another late May look and feel and this will likely lead to more storms. I will get into all that with my next update.

Make it a good one and take care.

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Time posted: 2:02 am

A Little Ugly Wraps Up March

Good Tuesday, everyone. Ugly weather is pushing across the state today as low pressure zips by to our south. That’s giving our region a chilly and damp final day of March. Hang in there, temps look to rebound quickly later this week into the coming weekend.

Let’s begin with today and roll forward. The most concentrated rains will be across the southern half of the state. Farther north, the action is much more limited. Here are your radars…

Temps today will generally stay in the upper 40s to low 50s for most.

As the storm system moves away Wednesday, northwest winds behind it will keep clouds into the mix across central and eastern Kentucky. There’s a small shower chance under this area of clouds as temps struggle again.

Better weather moves in for Thursday and Friday as temps climb, kicking off another very warm period. The European Model has 7 day average temp anomalies way up there from this Thursday through next Thursday…

Temps should easily hit the 70s from time to time.

This pattern will also feature a few storms, starting with the weekend…

This much above normal pattern looks to continue into the middle of the month…

The overall setup continues to be very conducive to severe weather in Kentucky and surrounding areas. Buckle up for a busy spring.

Have a good one and take care.


Time posted: 7:35 pm

Chilly Showers For Tuesday

Good evening, everyone. We have a little bit of ugly on the way for the final day of March. This will be bringing showers and chilly temps our way. Once we get past that, temps will rebound quickly for the end of the week and weekend.

Clouds are rolling in here ahead of low pressure rolling from west to east across the deep south. This is far enough north to give us a few showers, especially across the southern half of the state. The Euro is spitting out some decent totals in these areas…

Temps will be on the chilly side with most areas in the 40s.

Low clouds linger on Wednesday as temps rebound into the 50s. Thursday looks much better with readings hitting the 60s.

Much warmer air is on the way for the coming weekend. That’s when temps hit the 70s. There will be a few storms around later this weekend and early next week. I will focus more on that later tonight.

Here are your radars to track rain in from the southwest…

Enjoy the rest of your evening and take care.

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