Daily Archives: March 8, 2020

Time posted: 3:17 pm

Your Sunday Look Ahead

Good afternoon, folks. Some folks are a little sleepy-eyed today, but that extra hour of sunshine is more than worth it. We are putting the wraps on a gorgeous weekend in the bluegrass state, but the overall pattern going forth isn’t so nice. It’s back to a stormy pattern for the foreseeable future.

The first wave of showers and thunderstorms rolls in late Monday and continues into Tuesday. From there, we get systems to move across the state every couple of days.

If we look at the computer model rainfall numbers for the next 10 days, we continue to find the stormy look…




If we expand that run of the GFS out to 16 days, the numbers keep going up…

The overall signal from the GFS Ensembles suggests a lot of thunderstorm action from the plains into our region…

Did you really expect something else? Our historically wet pattern shows no signs of slowing down.

Enjoy the rest of your day and take care.


Time posted: 3:04 am

Active Spring Pattern Ahead

Good Sunday, everyone. Today is a winner of a weather day as mild temps join our sun-filled sky. The overall pattern continues to skew milder than normal in the coming weeks, but it’s also getting more active. That will lead to rounds of showers and storms showing up. No, it’s not raining each and every day, but the action will be showing up. 🙂

Today is amazing.

Clouds will filter in tonight ahead of our next shower and storm maker arriving from west to east late Monday. This keeps things a little wet into Tuesday with another system to follow that up on Wednesday…



Another system will then follow that up by the weekend, but the models are waffling a bit on where it goes. There’s a little colder trend with this system initially, but it would be followed up by a big temps spike and additional systems.

The GFS is even trying to spit out some weekend winter stuff…

The Euro doesn’t show the weekend winter potential as much, but it is colder and does have a similar temps surge and storm system to follow…

I will have anther update later today. Have a good one and take care.